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ICC Test Championship versus ICC Champions Trophy


Presently, ICC has replaced the “Mini-World Cup” with ICC Test Championship. Apparently, this step shows an effort to keep the longer format of Cricket alive and to increase its popularity. However, in the long run, this step will ruin the charm of Cricket, which ICC Champions Trophy, 2nd Tournament after World Cup had.

There are arguments in favor and against this step of the International Cricket Council, which is mostly being influenced by the Big-3 nation. Although, there is no existence of Big-3 on the documents. However, it exists as far as their influence in the ICC Decision and Policy Making process is concerned.

After the beginning of this setup, smaller Test Playing nations like Afghanistan, Ireland has lost their importance due to less number of test series in their credit. However, bigger teams like Australia, India, England, South Africa, and New Zealand got an opportunity to get home and away series in this longer format mega event.

Ultimately, countries having good terms with the Big-3 will also be awarded a large number of home and away series, whereas, the nations having normal terms will get a chance to play only a smaller number of tests at their home and away.

(To be continued….)

How affiliate marketing works for blog monetization?


How affiliate marketing works for blog monetization?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The web industry is growing day by day and due to this more opportunity of monetization are introduced. Among these monetization industries, affiliate marketing has got the attention of large people in a very short time.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019

Once there was a time when people used to search monetization methods after launching a website. That was a very difficult period. One needs to give a lot of time in updating a website and at the same time in the marketing of that website. In those days, very few people were using the internet for getting updated information. But now the time has been changed. Now you can make money with your social media like for example TikTok check here to know how you can get free TikTok likes.

What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Best Blogging Platforms in 2020 for Beginners

There are a number of companies which are offering affiliate programs for publisher and advertiser as well. Among those companies, Daraz.Pk for Pakistani Customers and for international customers are two famous websites.

Cheapest Cline Services | CCCAM Service Providers

Cheapest Cline Services | CCCAM Service Providers

Cheapest Cline Services | CCCAM Service Providers

Cheapest Cline Services | CCCAM Service Providers

Cheapest Cline Services or CCCAM Service Providers has changed the trend of viewership of dish receivers. Now in the absence of Cable Network or DTH aka Direct to Home, people can enjoy the same facilities with the help of CCCAM dish receivers.

For this purpose, they need to buy a SIM-enabled dish receiver and an active internet connection. In this way, they will be able to enjoy the channels of their choice at their home. Nowadays subscribers prefer to watch TV on Dish Receivers instead of Cable Network, which once had ruled the entertainment medium.

Cable Network viewers are bound to watch the selected or listed channels of Cable Service Providers. They have no control over the selection of channels except for limited features offered by the Cable Operator.

While Dish Reciever provides them provision to freely set the Dish Antenna of their receiver according to their desire.  It also offers them to have a screen list of their own choice along with favorite lists specified for Kids, Elders and others, etc. You can also read our article about What is Cline or CCAM and How does it Work?

After the invention of Dish Receivers, Cline / C line also known as CCCAM has brought a revolutionary change in the field of Dish Receivers. Now with the help of CCCAM Subscription and an active internet connection, a user can easily watch paid or FTA channels at home.

With the advancement of technology, every field of life is being revolutionized and there is no exception in Dish Receiver Industry. Presently, different companies are also offering IPTV dish receivers which are more advanced than CCCAM Receivers.

The minimum price of an IPTV Receiver is 2350 Pakistani Rupees.  IPTV is not illegal if authorized by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). While unauthorized IPTV will not work in your region. One of the prominent benefits of IPTV is that it does not require a monthly cline subscription. You can also read about What is IPTV and How Does it Work?

Here is the list of Cheapest Cline Service Providers:


SUNTVHD.INFO is one of the cheapest Cline or CCCAM Service Providers. You can buy 1 month of C line in just 2 US dollars. You can contact them via WhatsApp and Telephone on Contact No +923008800006 and +923166837797. To purchase an account first you need to contact them, then sign up on their available website server. After that, you needed to deposit the required security deposit and text them your login username for authorization. Now you can enjoy their services. They also accept different payment methods like MobiCash, EasyPaisa, PayPal and Payoneer, etc for receiving money. They also offer Reseller C line Panels at very affordable prices. For more details visit the website of SUN TV HD.


DISH TV SD is one of the cheapest Cline or CCCAM Service Providers. They offer the monthly Cline subscription at just 100 PKR. They also offer Reseller Panels at a cheap price. You can contact them via different Social Plugins including WhatsApp. They can be contacted via their website address at DISH TV SD.


Cline Panel is another one of the best and cheap C line services. For more details, you can visit them at the website of  Cline Panel. Interestingly, they offer 2 days free c line or CCCAM. They offer c line at just 1.99 Euro per month.

I hope you have learned a lot in this article about the brief introduction to Dish Receiver, Cline Service Providers, and more. You can also contact us for more details, queries, or information, PaklinkBlog can be contacted via email at or WhatsApp at +92-345-276-4700. Share it with others and keep visiting us for reading more articles like this. You can also suggest to us a topic for the article and can also write for us as well, do mail at our email address.


Most Popular Apps | Popular Mobile Apps

Popular Mobile Apps
Popular Mobile Apps

Most Popular Apps | Popular Mobile Apps

Most Popular Apps

In this article, I will discuss a descriptive list of better mobile phone apps. Mobile Phone has taken the command from computer or laptop. Everyone is preferring mobile over desktop pc. Smartphones have revolutionized the world after the invention of the computer. It is the time when people prefer portability and comfort over anything else. This need is filled by the mobile phone better compared to PCs. In nowadays you can make money or help your business growing with the help of apps from your cellphone like Tiktok, this is apps where you can reach a lot people by short videos, check here the video marketing trends of using this kind of apps.

Every mobile application has its function, which ranges from simplicity to complexity. Few apps only help us in editing our captured pictures. Whereas, others are better at transforming the image of a book into words. In simple words, smartphones are indeed smarter and the best replacement for previous technology of computers. In this article, I will tell you about the most popular mobile apps of 2021:

  1. PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds):

    most popular mobile apps pubg
    most popular mobile apps pubg

PUBG is an android game. It has changed the dynamics of gaming technology. Previously, smartphones were better for only games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. And the developer of both these games got a big financial profit. At present, gaming technology is shifting from static computers to mobile phones. Developers of “Call of Duty” and “Age of Empires” are looking for the android version of their games.

Players Unknown Battle Grounds is dominating the play store with its systematic updates and Seasons. Presently Season 17 is in progress. One of the main advantages of this game is the option of “MultiPlayer”. It has the provision of 100 players at a time, which means 100 people can tackle each other in a single battleground. In other words, 25 teams of 4 players each and among them team which will remain at the last will be the winner.

This is famous for its reward that is known as “Chicken Dinner”. The player or team which won the match sees a message “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”. This phrase of PUBG is very famous among PUBG playing people. Then there is another word “Loot”, which is very famous. In PUBG, “Loot” means to collect the ammunition or other items placed inside or outside a building, and even a player also earns the loot after killing his opponent or enemies.

It is very difficult to conclude the PUBG in a single post. Therefore, I have tried to give a light touch to this game.

2. TikTok:

most popular mobile apps TikTok
most popular mobile apps TikTok

TikTok is another billion user application. This application offers the facility of short audio clips, mostly famous dialogues or songs, in the background of your camera recorded clip. People record their video clips and add audio on their background and publish it on TikTok. The same is also watched by a number of people. You can also follow a user and like or comment on his video.

Currently, people are also earning money with the TikTok monetization option. There are a large number of TikTok stars in the world. These stars are also displaying the same attitudes as Filmstars or Drama Actors. They also have their fan club, which likes their video clips.

3. Ludo Star:

most popular mobile apps ludo star
most popular mobile apps ludo star

Ludo Star is another famous android application. This is a simple Ludo Game with the option of during match chat. Players can also chat offline with other players. For this, they should be friends on Ludo Star. This game is also getting fame. This is also part of the Million Users club. Presently, different games of Ludo are also getting popular and among them is Yalla Club (Ludo Game). Yalla Club Ludo also provides a Chat Room facility like Yahoo Messenger.


Android game has transformed the traditional game of ludo. Now you have a digital ludo card to play. You can even play the snake game on the ludo star very conveniently. This is in one ludo game along with a multiplayer option. This online game is one of the best choices.


4. Likee:

most popular mobile apps Likee
most popular mobile apps Likee

Likee is another short video creation application. This is also a famous application like TikTok. You can create your videos with special effects like Face Morph, Astral Travel, etc. It also offers a FaceMagic plugin. Likee also has a large number of stickers collection.

The application also provides the Beauty and Camera Filter option for its user. You can change the background of your videos according to your wishes. You can also create a Collage of your video with the help of a Photo Collage. Likee also comes with a Live Broadcast and Social Community plugin.

You can also contact the nearest people by enabling the Likee function of people nearest me.

5. Netflix:

most popular mobile apps netflix
most popular mobile apps netflix

Netflix is an online movie, dramas, sitcom, and TV Series watching application. This is a paid service and you need to subscribe to it. This is a global service providing application. you can search movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and the cinema industry of other countries.

You can also find the drama series and sitcom of all the countries of the world. Netflix purchases the rights to the entertainment industry and none of the products of it is copyrighted. Therefore, for entertainment, it is one of the best smartphone applications. All the smartphone applications discussed above are only based on my choice. Therefore, it does not mean that only these are the best ones. However, these may be better according to the description narrated about them.

6. Facebook:

Facebook is a trend-setter application for Social Networking. It has revolutionized the concept of Social Media. And Facebook Wall or Feed has become the most influential part of this application. People are earning money by publishing their content, advertising, teaching, and many more.

However, the basic aim of the application is to provide people a platform where they can virtually interact with each other. After the introduction of Audio and Video Calls and Live Streaming, this application has become more productive.

Facebook is the most popular app in the world. Indeed it provides the user whatever they need. It offers Webinar Options for Businessmen, Medical Professionals, Educationists, and other professionals. Along with this, it also links its child platform Instagram and WhatsApp.

7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has changed the concept of SMS and MMS. Now the word MMS and SMS has been gradually replaced with WhatsApp. Every user interacts with their community via this productive platform. User has the provision to share Documents, Audios, Videos, and Pictures over this platform.

Audio and Vidoe Messages like Voice Notes can also be transmitted via this application. More and more people are installing this famous application due to its functionalities.

WhatsApp Business is also another game-changer product of WhatsApp Inc. Business communities can utilize this application to increase their sales along with digital marketing.

8. Instagram:

Instagram is another product of Social Media Family (Facebook Inc). It is a very useful application for marketing purposes. Users can upload pictures with captions and tags to market their products in a better way.

Instagram also offers a Video Recording facility. So, users can also market their products via video messages.

9. SnapChat:

Snapchat is also one of the best applications. It is one type of friends-making app. It is very helpful for people in interacting with each other. It also provides the in-app photo editor, which can be utilized before uploading or snapping a picture.

This application is getting more likes day by day.

10. Pinterest:

Pinterest is one of the Most Popular Apps, it is also available on both Mobile and Website. Pinterest is also being used for publicity and as social media marketing tool.



Purchase Cheapest Web Hosting | Domain Registration


Purchase Cheapest Web Hosting | Domain Registration

You can purchase the cheapest Domain and Web Hosting Services with us. To process your order either contact us at or comment on this post. We offer GoDaddy services at affordable rates. So do not waste your time thinking and order now!