Student’Inn Solutions:


It is the age of technology where the whole world is just “One Click” away. In this era of modernization, enemies prefer to penetrate into ideological boundaries instead of Territorial boundaries. They prefer to hijack ideologies as compared to other aspects of society. In this scenario, much is needed to be done to improve the soft image of the country.

To improve the soft image, it is necessary to promote easy, up to date and free education to the public. When education will be accessible for all. People will prefer to learn and teach. This is the best practice for developed nations. Moreover, education also transforms society into a civilized nation.

For this purpose, Shahid Hussain Soomro (an Islamabad based Scholar of International Relations), has taken a great initiative. He along with Malik Mohsin Hassan launched an online Career Counselling and Guidance platform named “Student’Inn Solutions”.

Although, this organization was founded by Mr. Shahid Hussain Soomro late in 2010. However, the full-fledged setup of the organization has been established in 2018. Student’Inn Solutions will be a brand name for renovating traditional education with innovative technology.

This organization has also laid the foundations stone of two child-organization named as “E-Teacher” and “MainHoon Pakistan”. MainHoon Pakistan (MHP) is an NGO like web-platform to repair the soft image of Pakistan. Whereas, E-Teacher is an online-based Teaching organization, which will offer a number of courses for the students.


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