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Home Blog Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal of 15 Billion Dollars

Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal of 15 Billion Dollars

Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal of 15 Billion Dollars

According to news sources, Pakistani Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal to pay 14 Billion Dollar to the Government of Pakistan. However, he will not return the money of his whole family. Ex-Prime Minister is facing load-shedding in the jail. Therefore, he is feeling uncomfortable over there.

This money will only come from Mian Nawaz Sharif deal, other family members will pay their money by themselves. According to details, Ex-Premier is so much worried due to lack of facilities in the jail. The load-shedding is usual in his cell of Jail. Due to these troubles, NS is ready to pay money. And this is the only money of Nawaz Sharif, not his family.
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The Government of Pakistan is also trying to recover money from other members of Sharif Family. On other hands, Federal Minister for Railway, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has claimed that corrupt people are ready to return money into national exchequer. He said that friends of Asif Ali Zardari are also asking for a plea bargain. While NS is also having the same opinion about returning the money. Sheikh Rahsheed said that Pakistan will change under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said we have allocated 10 thousand jobs to the public. Furthermore, the cabinet has approved 10 thousand more jobs.

Sheikh Rasheed said that in Korea, One President in jail while other has been killed on the crime of corruption and dishonesty. He said nation and media will not spare the corrupt, dishonest politicians of the country. While addressing the defense day ceremony, the federal minister for railway Sheikh Rasheed said that Kashmir is one of the major issues between Pakistan and India. Without peaceful resolution of Kashmir Dispute, It is impossible to maintain peace among both countries.

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Sheikh Rasheed said that India is executing brutal acts against Kashmiris for the last 72 years. He said, now it is decisive time for the Kashmir Freedom Movement.Mr. Mode wanted to draw the attention of Kashmiris by offering them visas and investment into Kashmir. However, Kashmiris want nothing except freedom from Indian occupation.

Sheikh Said that India has downgraded 22/24 Muslims into secondary citizen inside India. They committed a blunder by removing article 370 into Kashmir. The government and Opposition need to be on the same page on the issue of Kashmir. Nations destroyed in the world but they again rise up with determination and zeal and zest. In this case passion matters a lot, he further affirmed that we will sacrifice our lives for the sake of our motherland InshaAllah.  ۔

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