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Allama Iqbal Open University Admissions Spring 2019


Allama Iqbal Open University Admissions Spring 2019

What is Distance Learning Education?

In distance learning, education student does not attend the regular classes. Meanwhile, they get lectures in indirect ways. These include Post, Courier, Television, Radio, and Internet, etc. So,  you need to study via FM Radio Station, Youtube Channel, Television, Books (Hard, Soft) and other valuable material.   In a single sentence, this is a classroom free learning environment.

Allama Iqbal Open University secures the honor for taking initiative in Distance Learning Education in Pakistan. This is the only university in Pakistan which offers admissions in multi-disciplinary programs through Distance Learning. Presently, it has advertised the admissions for the Spring 2019 Program. These programs are ranging from  Matriculation to Masters Programs.

They are also offering PGD TEFL and MA TEFL exclusively in this program. You can fill up the admission forms and submit them at their online admission portal available at their website. After that, you can submit the challan in branches of designated banks.

Why Choose Allama Iqbal Open University Admissions?

This is an interesting question and which needs to be answered. In the past, it was difficult for professionals and other employees to continue their education. Due to hectic routine, It was difficult for them to attend the regular classes. Whereas, in a number of departments people with higher qualification has the opportunity to excel in among their colleagues.

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But the Allama Iqbal University has resolved this problem by offering online and offline distance learning programs. This was a golden opportunity for these deserving people. Therefore, AIOU has also adjusted its programs in view of the routine of professionals. Since then AIOU is upgrading their Academic Program according to the needs of their students.

Now it is easier for the professionals and employees for every walk of the fields to continue their education in their desired program. So, distance learning has resolved its serious problem. In this way, they did not get disturbed their job routine. Moreover, they also acquire the qualification from an HEC recognized university.

Programs offered by AIOU: 

STEP / Certificate Courses (Duration 6 months):

Allama Iqbal Open University is aimed at helping the jobless people. For this reason, it is offering admissions different short courses of 6 months duration. It includes:

1. Poultry Farming, 2.Domestic Agriculture, 3. Dairy Farming 4, Profitable Agricultural Business, 3. Farm Machinery, 4. Oil Seed Farming, 5. Modern Agriculture, 5. Practical Methods of Gardening, 6. Plantation and their care.

Post Graduate Courses (Duration 12 months):

AIOU is also polishing the skills of fresh graduates. To train them with the practical field it is offering Post Graduate Programs in the following fields:

1.Human Resource Management 2. Educational Leadership and Management 3. Population and Development 4. Dietetics 5.Environmental Design 6. Education Planning and Management 7. Nutrition 8. Early Child Education 9. Mass Communication 10. Computer Science 11. Gender and Woman Studies (Note: Admission Eligibility in these programs is 16 Years of Education)

Secondary School Certificate: (Duration 24 months):

SSC Certificate consists of 2 years period. AIOU is offering SSC in the following fields:

a. Dars-e-Nizami b. General

(Note: Secondary School Certificate is equal to 10 Years qualification or Matriculation).

Higher Secondary School Certificate (Duration 24 months):

HSSC Certificate is based on 2 years program. The university is offering HSSC program in these main subjects:

a. Dars-e-Nizami b. General c. I.Com

How to Resolve Career Counselling Issues?

Bachelor Programs (Graduation):

As you know, graduation is a popular degree program. Therefore,  Allama Iqbal University is also offering admissions in graduate programs in the following subjects:

1.Associate Degree Program: a. Commerce, b. Education c. Education (3 Years)

2. BS Programs: a. Chemistry, b. Environmental Science, c. MicroBiology d. Physics e. Statistics f. Mathematics, g. Business and Accounting, h. Mass Communication j.Library and Information Sciences, k. BBA (Hons).

3. 2-Year Graduate Programs: a. BA (General) b. BS(CS), c.Certificate in Librarianship

How to Apply or Register at AIOU?

You can register yourself at AIOU in two ways:

a. Online Registration b. Manual Registration

a. Online Registration:

Visit their website and click on the Online Admission Portal. Fill up your biodata and generate fee voucher. Submit voucher into any branch of designated banks.

b. Manual Registration:

Fill up the form in Hard Copy. Paste your picture and signed. Submit Voucher and deposit Admission forms at AIOU nearest campus. (Prospectus is available at AIOU Official Website).

How to Submit an Admission Fee:

Print the downloaded Challan Form deposit the fee at nearest NBP, ABL, Bank Alflah, MCB, and First Women Bank Limited.

Hence, you can also contact them via mail at adms@aiou.edu.pk or dial 051-9057151

The last date for admission is March 9, 2019.

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