Bully as an evil of society
Bully as an evil of society

Bullying as an evil of society

Bullying is a practice of hurting another individual mentally, physically or emotionally. Bullying is an evil of society second to Sexual Abuse.

Bully as an evil of society
Bully as an evil of society

Bullying is a practice of hurting another individual mentally, physically or emotionally. The repetitive action of teasing another person mentally, physically or emotionally is called bullying. Bullying can be divided into four types: psychological (emotional and relational), verbal, physical and cyber. The basic factor of bullying is the imbalance of physical and social power.

Whenever there is an imbalance of physical and social power between individuals the behavior of bullying develops. Culture of bullying can develop in any context where human interacts with each other. It may be a school, workplace, family or neighborhood. Nowadays the main plate form of bullying is social media websites.

Research shows that 19000 bullied students commit suicide every year. There are different reasons for bullying. The primary reason for bullying is jealousy. Bullies may be jealous of someone’s relationships, performance, physical beauty and charm, and property. Bullying also occurs due to differences in religion, hair color, culture, and ethnicity. Another reason for bullying is to get control over someone else. Those who have dominated and aggressive behavior always try to depress others and want to get control over them.

Bullying is a serious threat in any society because it causes harmful effects not only on an individual but on society as well. There are two types of effects: long term effects and short term effects. Short term effects include social isolation of bullied, shyness, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep disturbance, and poor performance. Long term effects include anxiety disorder, fall of health, chronic depression and continuous stress, self-harm, and worst long term effects is that bullying may lead a victim to commit suicide.

Bullying is part of life. It is impossible to finish it but we can deal with it by applying different strategies. Basic and the most important strategy to deal with bullying is to educate individuals. We should educate our children about how to deal with bullies. We should teach them how to find confidence, make them feel they are not alone, they have their parents with them and they have friends.

We should also educate our children not to be a bully. We should educate our communities about the harms and negative effects of bullying. We should teach in-home our children and other family members of respect and tolerance for others. Individuals can protect each other by making friends and strong groups. Schools and other workplaces must have zero tolerance for bullies and bullied should report immediately to concerns.

Bullies continue bullying because of the silence of bullied and other individuals, who witness this bad activity hence, it should be reported immediately. Bullies must be discouraged by the whole community so that they stop bullying others. All these measures are helpful to stop bullying to some extent. These steps are also very useful to deal with bullying.


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