Home Education How to resolve Career Counseling Issues and Problems of students?

How to resolve Career Counseling Issues and Problems of students?


Career Counseling Problems of Students and Their Solutions?

What is Definition of Career Counseling Problems?

Career Counseling Problems can be defined  in simple words is a choice of profession for life with progression opportunities. So, a person has the choice to excel in this specific filed with hard work. Career plays a significant role in one person’s life. Therefore, be wise before selection of a career. You should avoid selecting a misfit profession to avoid career counseling problem.

What is Counseling for Career Problems?

As career is an intentional choice of lifetime profession. Therefore, it is better to choose it according to mental and physical tendencies. So the question arises, what is the right career for me? The answer is the career which fits and suits you. To know about this, test with the name “Aptitude Test for Career” is conducted. These test and the process of assessing the tendencies are called “Counseling for Career Problems”.

Why Counseling for Career Problems is important?

Career Problem Counseling related Aptitude Test is a very important and must-do task. It is a great issue now a days. In present days, everyone wanted to get success by achieving their goals of life. In this way, they fully concentrate on their aims and work by day and night. Meanwhile, the success in life can only be achieved if a person has selected career of his choice. For this reason, his career should be according to his mental tendency. There are a number of examples when people who selected the wrong career path, failed badly in their life. Don’t go much forward, let’s take the example of IT-Genius, Mr.Bill Gates.
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The Microsoft founder was first admitted into Harvard University for academic excellence. However, he was unable to achieve academic excellence due to lack of interest. Whereas, he had a tendency towards the computer. So, he switched to the computer industry. He founded an IT Company and utilized his talent over there. Resultantly, the world witnessed a man of brilliant qualities in the Computer Industry. From this example, we can conclude that the right career and academics chosen in time leads to success, while the opposite leads to a life of confusion.

What is the right time for deciding a Career?

How to Resolve Career Problems? After the 7th Grade Examination is the right time for a career decision. Although, one can choose a suitable path for a career just after 8th Grade Examination. However, during this time one can be confused about taking a sudden decision. Therefore, he needs to make the decision just after 7th Grade Examination. In this way, he will have enough time of almost 1 year to take a better decision. The parents also need to play an active role in this important phase of the life of a child or boy. They should avoid enforcing their decision on the students.
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What is the Role of Stakeholders in Career Selection?

Career Counseling Problems required the attentions of all the stakeholders can play an important role. Whereas, the role of the student is pivotal among them. Therefore, importance should be given to his choice of profession. Otherwise, all stakeholders can spoil his life. Remember, the right decision taken at this time can be very fruitful. On the contrary, it can be a lesson for the whole life and example for others. To ascertain the tendency of the student, a psychologist should be consulted. As psychologist will conduct certain test e.g Aptitude Tests to ascertain the tendency of the student. The results of these tests will make the career selection very easy. Therefore, the results should be given importance. Otherwise, the psychologist test will useless.

Comparison of Typical Career vs Innovative Careers

There are a number of Career Paths. Whereas, new and innovative careers should be preferred. Every career has importance. There are old and new careers. Then there are innovative careers. The old career has much hard work as input and less result as output. While in an innovative career one needs to work hard and get more output. In innovative careers, they have very less time wastage. Therefore, this aspect of careers should be noticed.

What is Typical Career?

The Typical Career is the one which is adopted by the common people. Like the majority of the people prefer to select Teaching, Engineering, Health, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc. These all are the typical type of career of the present era.

What is Innovative Career?

The innovative career path includes professions like Freelancing, Creative Writing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimizer, AdSense Expert, etc. Blogging is one of the innovative profession. Whereas, Video logging aka Vlogging is also one of the trendy profession now a days. In present days, people are preferring to adopt the innovative professions on the typical ones due to a number of things.

Career of Medicine or Career of Medical:

Career of Medicine or Career of Medical is one of the major careers. These are selected at a larger scale. In past and present days as well. Newly matriculated students prefer the study of Medical or Medicine. A great number of students including boys and girls prefer to study pre-medical subjects at the intermediate level. Although, only a few of them are able to score good marks and resultantly securing admission to medical college. Whatsoever are the results, most of the students prefer to choose this study. The study of Medical or Medicine is one of the most studied subjects along with Engineering.

Psychologist as a Career:

Psychology is a very interesting subject and career as well. Now a days, more students are opting the study of psychology. This is due to the present development in the field of psychology. Currently, psychology is having a large number of fields like Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology, Criminal Psychology, etc. Due to this vast scope and application students are opting this charming subject. Therefore, psychologist as a career has become the trendy profession in present days.


The Counseling for Career Problems  is of the major aspect of a successful life. It is the most important field of profession selection. But, it is the most neglected field of study. Due to this reason, a number of people could not excel in their life. It is evident to note, if your passion is your profession, then you will achieve more. On the other hand, If a person is unable to select a profession of his choice, he could not achieve more as he has to. Therefore, counseling for career problems needs more focus as it is the backbone in the way of career selection. A person having good counseling for his career problems can be a successful person as an entrepreneur, teacher, engineer and innovative field expert including freelancing that is Graphic Designing, Blogging, and Vlogging, etc.

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