Cheapest Cline Services | CCCAM Service Providers


Cheapest Cline Services | CCCAM Service Providers

Cheapest Cline Services or CCCAM Service Providers has changed the trend of viewership of dish receivers. Now in the absence of Cable Networks or DTH aka Direct to Home, people can enjoy the same facilities with the help of CCCAM dish receivers.

For this purpose, they need to buy a SIM-enabled dish receiver and an active internet connection. In this way, they will be able to enjoy the channels of their choice at their home. Nowadays subscribers prefer to watch TV on Dish Receivers instead of Cable Networks, which once had ruled the entertainment medium.

Cable Network viewers are bound to watch the selected or listed channels of Cable Service Providers. They have no control over the selection of channels except for limited features offered by the Cable Operator.

While Dish Reciever provides them the provision to freely set the Dish Antenna of their receiver according to their desire.  It also offers them to have a screen list of their own choice along with favorite lists specified for Kids, Elders, others, etc. You can also read our article about What is Cline or CCAM and How does it Work?

After the invention of Dish Receivers, Cline / C line also known as CCCAM has brought a revolutionary change in the field of Dish Receivers. Now with the help of a CCCAM Subscription and an active internet connection, a user can easily watch paid or FTA channels at home.

With the advancement of technology, every field of life is being revolutionized and there is no exception in Dish Receiver Industry. Presently, different companies are also offering IPTV dish receivers which are more advanced than CCCAM Receivers.

The minimum price of an IPTV Receiver is 2350 Pakistani Rupees.  IPTV is not illegal if authorized by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). While unauthorized IPTV will not work in your region. One of the prominent benefits of IPTV is that it does not require a monthly cline subscription. You can also read about What is IPTV and How Does it Work?

Here is the list of Cheapest Cline Service Providers:


SUNTVHD.INFO is one of the cheapest Cline or CCCAM Service Providers. You can buy 1 month of C line for just 2 US dollars. You can contact them via WhatsApp and Telephone on Contact No +923008800006 and +923166837797.

To purchase an account first you need to contact them, then sign up on their available website server. After that, you needed to deposit the required security deposit and text them your login username for authorization.

Now you can enjoy their services. They also accept different payment methods like MobiCash, EasyPaisa, PayPal and Payoneer, etc for receiving money. They also offer Reseller C line Panels at very affordable prices. For more details visit the website of SUN TV HD.


DISH TV SD is one of the cheapest Cline or CCCAM Service Providers. They offer a monthly Cline subscription at just 100 PKR.

They also offer Reseller Panels at a cheap price. You can contact them via different Social Plugins including WhatsApp. They can be contacted via their website address at DISH TV SD.


Cline Panel is another one of the best and cheap Cline services. For more details, you can visit the website of  Cline Panel.

Interestingly, they offer 2 days of free c line or CCCAM. They offer c line at just 1.99 Euro per month.

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Bottom Line:

A large number of Cline or CCCAM Service Providers are available in the market. However, a few of them are discussed above and I hope you will find them very useful information.

So, always research before subscribing to any Cline service for your Dish Receiver, it will save you precious money and time.

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