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Comments Policy –

Following the guiding principle are desired to keep in mind, while commenting on any post at Paklinkblog.:

All the comments on the website are manually approved by website management. They disapprove and deleted the comments if they violate the “Comments Policy of Website”. Whereas, understated checks are of great significance while considering the comments for approval:

Spammy and Promotional comments will be deleted by the website. This contains links to different websites, pages, and products advertising links and comments, which are not related to the topic of discussion. Therefore, avoid irrelevant and promotional comments.

According to Comments Policy, Comments which are of abusive in nature or promoting nudity/vulgarity will also be deleted.

Comments which are containing hate speech, abusive language towards anyone, or which look offensive are against our comments policy and will also be terminated. Moreover, comments which will comprise on threatening language, pornographic content, hostile material, or deceptive and defamatory language will also be deleted.

Comments which will be considered a direct attack on any individual, organization, party, etc or considered an act of harassment will also be deleted.

Try to avoid bullying/harassment or victimization of any contributor and avoid linguistic or racial harassment. Be respectful of others.

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Comments inciting hatred towards any community, sectarian or towards special people/persons and the minority will also be deleted.

Do not comment anonymously, otherwise, website management reserve the right to delete your comment. Ensure your identity while commenting, your privacy like email address, website, and phone number will be kept secret and only your User Name will be displayed in the comments area for other users.

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