Was Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019

Was ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019

Was Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019

Cricket world cup was fixed or not is the question of everyone.ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 seems to be fixed or pre-decided is still unknown.

Was ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019

Still people are asking the question “was ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixed? No doubt, England and the host won the World Cup final by defeating New Zealand. This was the second unlucky moment for New Zealand. As Defending Champion of this ICC CWC, Australia defeated them in CWC 2015, which was co-hosted by both teams.

The match results of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 remained suspicious and controversial since the start of the tournament. A total of 48 matches were played in this cricket world cup, whose semi-finalists were based on the points table.

Therefore, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 point table was also played a significant role in deciding the results of the tournament. The first match of the tournament was played between England and South Africa, which was won by England by 104 runs. English team batted first and they scored 311 runs while chasing this ordinary tool, proteas collapsed at 207 runs in 40 overs.

The second match was played between unpredictable 2, Pakistan and West Indies. And amazingly Pakistan all out at 105 in 22 overs. In reply to this, West Indian Cricket Team scored 108 in 14 overs. This was one of the unpredictable matches of this tournament, as Pakistan started the pre-World Cup series with a massive scoring at English Grounds.

India vs Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match

Another un-predictable match of the tournament was played between Bangladesh and South Africa. Where Bangali Tigers defeated south Africa with 21 runs. Bangladesh scored 330 runs in batting first. South African once again remains unlucky by scoring 309 runs.

One of the prominent aspects of the cricket world cup 2019 was the up-sets of big teams. While most of the matches were high scoring in this tournament. After setting big totals, on a few occasions, teams remained uncertain. Resultantly, they were defeated in some matches.

In another match, the unpredictable Pakistani Cricket Team defeated the most favorite team of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 by 14 runs. Pakistani Cricket Team set a good total of  348 in their innings. While the English Team remained unlucky at a score of  334.

In this Cricket World Cup, Afghanistani Cricket Team Proved themselves as one of the fighting teams. On another hand, the South African Team was the most unlucky team of the tournament. While the Pakistani Cricket Team was unable to perform with a consistency like its past performances.Although, Pakistani Cricket Team proved their mettle in pre-world cup series against England with massive scoring matches.

Another factor in this world cup was luck. Luck also played an important role in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. When on different occasions, the team like Pakistan, West Indies, India and Australia were unable to prove their cricketing mettle. Finally, they have to exit from this mega tournament. While a healthy number of matches were abandoned due to rainy weather. In this way, rainy weather was also an equal opponent like a cricketing opponent. This aspect of should has to be taken into consideration by the International Cricket Council prior to the execution of the schedule. As in Cricket World Cup 1999, they faced the same factor.

After the bad start, the Pakistani Cricket Team was at a point, where they could easily qualify for the semi-finals. But the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka was washed out. Due to this, the Pakistani Cricket Team was sent out of the tournament on the basis of the points table. Although, Pakistan did a brilliant come back by winning all the matches prior to semi-finals.

Why Pakistani Cricket Team failed in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

India was one of the best teams in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. They defeated the good teams like Australia but lost from the less competitor like England in a controversial way. They also won from Afghanistan and Bangladesh with less margin. The main goal of their under-par performance was to sent the Pakistani Cricket Team out of the tournament. And they also remain successful in their goal at the end.

Like Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka was another unlucky team, which could not go through the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. As their most matches were abandoned due to bad weather and on a few occasions they did not play well. This was one of the worst performances of “The Islanders”, after a decade long brilliant performance.

In a single line conclusion, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was full of controversies and unpredictable results as a whole. Few people are predicting that this was also pre-decided by the hidden “Big Three” superpowers of Cricket playing nations, which are Australia, England, and India. All of these teams share the budget of the International Cricket Council. Indeed, the financial standing of the International Cricket Council, the cricket governing body, is difficult to sustain without the support of these three cricket boards. Therefore, these boards influence the major decisions of the ICC as well.

Whatsoever are the predictions or controversies, but these have no ground facts and realities at all. If these were the realities, then why no writer has written anything on this topic. So, it can be said the propaganda to deface the image of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. As the people know it well, that every mega event of sports always leaves a controversy behind it. However, ICC needs to take strict steps to control the spot-fixing in the mega-events like the Cricket World Cup.


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