Home Blogging How to get Google AdSense Account Approval | Google AdSense – 2020

How to get Google AdSense Account Approval | Google AdSense – 2020

How to get Google AdSense Account Approval  | Google AdSense – 2020

Google AdSense Account Approval in 2020?

Google AdSense Account is one of the authentic monetization services for YouTube and Website. In this article, You will learn how to get Google AdSense Approval

How to get Google AdSense Account Approval | Google AdSense - 2020

Before the invention of Google.com, earning through the world wide web was a dream. However, the invention of Google.com in 1998 has transformed the global village of the internet. The trend changer product of Google AdSense has transformed this invention into a more productive way. Nowadays, it is easier to monetize a website and YouTube Channel without a hectic job. You can earn as much as you write / upload (in case of the channel).In today’s digital era almost every news channel is having a YouTube channel in parallel. Days are gone, when you were never able to watch a missed TV program. Now you can watch that particular program in the archive of your favourite TV Channel’s Youtube account.

Youtube is also another amazing product of Google. Nowadays, Youtube is one of the most used platforms by “Video Loggers” like decades back “Blogger” was for the “Blog Writers”. After the introduction of monetization, Youtube has become a hub for the “newbie Vloggers”. Now you can find a video channel about a “Food Recipies”, “PC / Laptop Repairing”, “Android Phone Repairing”, “Dish Receiver Repairing / Upgradation”. Every type of channels is available to help the viewers. Youtube has become the problem solver like its parent website google.com.

Google AdSense Approval Process and Policies?

Google AdSense Approval was an easy job in the past. It is no easier after the implementation of new policies. Only a person with good know-how about the internet and blogging can get approval.
Before Signing up for Account, you should keep in mind the following instructions:

1. Designing the Website Pages for Google AdSense Account:

Make sure that the pages of your website are ready for the hosting code of Google AdSense. You need to create a unique and genuine content to increase the chances of Google AdSense Account approval. Your content should be engaging and user friendly. The layout of your pages should be easy to read for the visitors. It should encourage them to get their desired information easily.

2. Comments Section of Website:

You should offer a comments section to your visitors. They will be able to provide feedback via this medium. You should also moderate your comment section to follow the Google AdSense Program policies and to avoid inappropriate comments. You can also learn more about user-generated content and how to manage it by visiting the Support page of Google AdSense Account.

3. Create an easy to use Navigation:

Your website pages should have a clear and easy to use navigation for applying in Google AdSense Account. All the pages should be interlinked and a sitemap should be available to help the search engine bots in understanding the navigation of your website. Your content should be easy to read and drop down should be functional along with proper alignments of pages. This will help you to easily get Google AdSense approval.

4. User-Friendly Content for Google AdSense Approval:

Then comes the content, as it is said: “content is a king”. Your content should be plagiarism free and creative. It means it should be written to attract more visitors. You should take so much care while using articles from external websites or embedded videos. You should contribute your own content, whether it is specialist knowledge, improvement related ideas, reviews of books and movies, etc, or your personal thoughts. Your content should not be scrapped or copyrighted content as it will make you ineligible for Google AdSense Account approval. This violation can lead to a permanent closure of your ads account and can also disable the Google AdSense Account.

5. Obey Eligibility Guidelines strictly to get Google AdSense Approval:

Eligibility requirements are mandatory to obey to get Google AdSense approval. Therefore, none of these should be avoided in your website. You should ensure to comply with the policies and Terms and Conditions of Google AdSense. In case of a change in these policies, it is essential for you to acclimate your website content in view of that.

6. Age Requirements and Code Integration:

Your age should be 18 Years or more. If you are using a product like Blogger or YouTube you can use the Google AdSense host partner program. When your channel or blog becomes eligible for policies. You can also link your Channel or Blog with ads. To get the approval you should be able to paste the Google AdSense code between sections of your website. If you have applied with a website you did not own, you won’t be able to get the approval. You can only paste code on a website that complies with the program policies.

7. Displaying non-Google Ads and Hosting Multiple Accounts:

You can also display non-Google Ads with Google Ads by following the policies. These ads should be with limited texts. Moreover, you cannot display ads more than the content on a post. This is the violation of valuable inventory policy of Google AdSense Login. This can make you ineligible for approval. Google AdSense Account allows 500 reporting channels URLs. You can also register another AdSense account for business purposes. You need to provide separate emails and details of the payee. Your payment will also be paid to that payee.

8. Essential Pages for Approval:

To increase the chances of approval for Googel AdSense Account your website should have a “Privacy Policy”, “Disclosure Policy”, Comments Policy” and “Sitemap” pages. In the case of part of the European Region, you also have to create a “GDPR Implementation” page. The wording of these pages should be clear and easy to understand for search engines and users as well. You should also mention about the policies, terms, and conditions of your website in these pages. These pages will encourage visitors to feel free and secure while visiting your website. You can also write if you use users-cookies for any other purpose. In this case, user consent is essential. These things will show you more authentic and transparent in the eyes of the search engine and your chances of Google AdSense Account approval will be more.

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