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How to start a successful blog in 10 Steps for beginners?


Start a successful blog in 10 easy steps?

Blogging is fun and it is an effective way to express your thoughts and feelings into words. The difference between essay writing and blogging is very minor. It is free-from technicalities as compared to essay writing. The blogging is just like similar to talking. To start a successful blog one needs to focus on SEO and Content Strategy.

In essay writing, you need to emphasize on the technicalities like Introduction, thesis statement, analytical skills, and conclusion portion. While the blog does not need these things for success. But you have to focus on the delivery of content to be a successful blogger.

This is an easy way to convey your message to your readers. As the readers are ranging from the average education level to higher education level. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the way of expressing your message into words. Now a days, everyone is trying their fate in Blogging.

You follow the technical rules of writing In essays writing. But in blogging, you have no restriction of rules. Therefore, people prefer to write blogs instead of essays at online websites. This is an easy way to express your feelings. In a blog, you can share anything from your life experience.

You can also teach people. You can also train them in certain skills. Another advantage of a blog is, you also get instant feedback of reader on the comments. With the help of the blog, you stay in touch with your readers. Therefore, you should know well about the likes and dislikes of your readers.

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Indeed, you have to write for your readers. As you know, Blogging is a fun, one who opts for its, enjoys it. However, copying the content of others is not a good job of blogging. You must avoid copying others content. Although, you can get an idea about the topic from different bloggers.

As we know, blogging is a great tool for learning with fun. Therefore, you should keep certain things into mind to keep this fun alive. Those important things are as follows:

1. Know your Topic:

You come across different topics and subject on a daily basis while visiting the website. However, there is a lot of difference between reading and writing. For reading, you scan the topic and sometimes jot down the main points. These points help you in revising your knowledge about that particular topic.

But for writing, you need to read a lot. As your jotted down points cannot draft an article with sufficient content. The reason is, you utilize your background knowledge while reading an article. But in the case of the writer, you have no exact idea about your readers.

They either may be the students with beginners knowledge of the subject, or they may be the scholars of the Ph.D. level. Therefore, you should have to do good research about the topic to write an amazing and unique article. As it is said a good reader can be a good writer, is 100% applicable to this scenario.

Another fact is that you can only start a successful blog if you are writing a well-researched and unique article. Otherwise, you will not be able to attract the reader or visitors to your blog. It is never a wise decision to write a blog just by reading others blog and compiling it into an article. You will be able to accomplish your goals if you have a good and valid research about your topic.

2. Know Your Audience:

The audience is the main stakeholder of a blog. They deserve utmost respect in the case of writing an article. Therefore, you need to always pay special attention to their likes and dislikes to start a successful blog. It is not a bad idea to know their views from “Comments Section” or conduct a survey from your blog to know their suggestions.

And these suggestions and comments should be given value to make the blog popular. You should be well-familiar about the psyche of reading of your audience and make them your fan. You should preferably utilize the best ways to transfer knowledge to your audience. Your content delivery method should be very interesting.

You should not try to convey your message in a complicated way to expose your authority of knowledge. Instead, the easiest way of teaching should be applied in transferring the knowledge. You should have a piece of good knowledge of the teaching techniques. And make them applicable and effective in your blog.

As these techniques have been formulated after the thorough study of the students of a different caliber. It is not necessary that every reader or visitor has the same level of understanding. Their way and caliber of understanding may be different. Therefore, you should keep these things in mind while developing content or article.

3. Use Simple Language:

As the matter is to start a successful blog. Try to use simple language and vocabulary. Use college-level language to make it understandable. For a larger audience, a convenient method of writing should be utilized. You should be precise and avoid lengthy introductions, except if necessary. Try to use pictures to make the articles interactive

The role of language is so important because the audience is mostly non-native speakers. For non-native speakers, difficult vocabulary can be a tough job to understand. While complex syntax and semantics can also create problems for them. Whereas, vocabulary and language are backbones in any article. Therefore, these aspects of the article should also be kept in mind while writing.

Remember, the success of any article does not depend on difficult vocabulary. However, it primarily depends on the understanding of the article. The article will be good if it has good understanding and bad if it has poor understanding, for the audience or visitors. While the language plays a pivotal role in the understanding of any article.

4. Share it to Social Platform:

The Internet has transformed the world into a single click. Now you can access any knowledge about the world on Search Engine. Moreover, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has secured the place of backbone on any website. Therefore, emphasize should necessarily be given in writing the SEO-Friendly articles.

SEO is also an important part of Digital Marketing. The article with good SEO attracts more visitors. Whereas, the article with poor or no SEO cannot drive the traffic to the website. So, always focus on SEO while writing an article. SEO is an important element which is necessary to start a successful blog.

In Digital Marketing, Social Media Platforms also play a pivotal role. They also help you to publish your blog across large customers. If you are having a good presence on these platforms, you will attract more visitors.

Therefore, after Search Engine Optimization, Social Media is another effective tool in this industry. Share your content on these platforms to get more traffic for your blog. In this way, more people will learn about your blog. Resultantly, your blog will get more permanent traffic.

5. Select a Niche:

Nich means topic or field of discussion in a blog. Technology is a niche if you are discussing it on your blog. But the selection of niche can be a difficult task for a number of newbie bloggers. To resolve this problem, try to write a 9-10 topic on a page. These should be the topics which came into your mind in first thought. Then prioritize 4-5 out of them and then finally choose 1 or 2 topic for your blog niche out of them.

As Niche plays an important role in the success of any blog. It should be according to your likeness and passion. If you opted to select a niche which is not about your passion or choice. You will soon be fed up from that topic. It will be better to select a progressing niche which updates on a daily basis. Like Technology, News, Health Problems, etc. These all are an example of niches which get updates on a daily basis. These are necessary to start a successful blog in present days.

Be Precise about your niche, and if possible segregate to a micro-niche. As it will make easier for you to research and write on a specific topic. Do good research on your niche before writing an article. You will become an authority about your niche if you write well-researched and critically analyzed articles. Always try to resolve the problems of your readers in your article.

6. Remain Self-Motivated:

No doubt, blogging is fun and it is interesting if you have a passion for it. But starting a successful blog and making it word of mouth of a mass is not an easier task. This task requires consistent hard work and determination. On a few occasions, you get good traffic and sometimes you are not able to get a good amount of web traffic. But you need to remain self-motivated at every point.

Otherwise, you will not be able to continue your blog. You should be patient enough to wait for the good traffic. Meanwhile, you have to improve your content and SEO. You should create as much SEO-Optimized content as possible. This will increase your organic and search-based traffic. Resultantly, this will improve your chances to start a successful blog.

You need to work with an optimistic approach. If you get good visitors it is ok and if you are not able to do so, then also better. You have to be positive at every moment. And work on the website layout, content strategy, plan, etc. Instead of losing hope about making money from blogging. It is a fact that hard work always gives sweet fruits. This also happens in the case, if you have started a successful blog.

7. Write for a Broader Audience:

You should write for a broader audience. Your audience should be world-wide instead of country-based. Therefore, try to write in an international language like English, French, and German, etc. Among all these languages, English is better as it is spoken in the majority of the countries. Your articles should be written for a larger audience and readers.

Try to write creative articles to make your blog successful. Your articles should be unbiased and criticism should be avoided as much as possible. They should be written in a unique and well-composed manner. It should be a piece of attraction for the visitors and readers.

You should have a good relation with your visitors. Try to respond to their comments as much as possible. If they inquire about any problem, give them a solution. They visit your blog to increase their knowledge. Therefore, give them sufficient information about the topic at hand. These steps will be very helpful for you to start a successful blog.

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8. Paid Domain:

If you are interested in blogging career. So, purchase a custom domain. It will help you promote your blog. In this way, you will also enhance the web traffic of your blog. Moreover, your blog will easily score good ranking in Search Engine. Furthermore, you will be able to start a successful blog.

9. Selection of Blogging Platform:

If you have a good idea about blogging and have the skills to write unique articles. But you choose a limited blogging platform. In this way, you will never be able to start a successful blog. As the Blogging Platform has 20-30 % role in the success of a blog. On the other hand, if you choose a good platform. You will easily be able to get success.

Therefore, you should be extra careful in the selection of a blogging platform. Preferably, WordPress and Blogger are one of the best platforms for blogging. You can also read my post about Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms in 2019 to get guidance on this topic.

10. Plan a Posting Schedule:

Planning is the key to success in every field. It is also helpful in blogging as well. You should formulate a blogging plan for publishing your posts. You can create a post on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is better to preplan the posts and better idea is to post once or twice in a week. But the punctuality is essential to start a successful blog.

It is better to divide the post creation into three phases. 1. Brainstorm a Post, 2.Create the Draft, 3. Revise and publish the post. In this way, you will be able to create a well-composed post. For this reason, a better idea will be to write a post once a week. However, it essentially depends on your routine of life.

It is an admitted fact that blogs which are frequently updated score high in Search Engine Ranking. As compared to those blogs, which are not frequently updated. Therefore, give serious attention to this aspect in a blog. Otherwise, you will not be able to start a successful blog.

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