Pakistan defeats India in International Kabaddi World Cup 2020 Final

International Kabaddi World Cup 2020 Final:


Pakistan won the International Kabaddi World Cup 2020 final by defeating arch-rivals India. It was a nail-biting competition. So, India concluded the tournament with the runner-up trophy.

This time, Pakistan hosted the International Kabaddi World Cup 2020 final in Lahore. Both teams (India and Pakistan) played a very competitive game throughout the tournament. Their players proved the mettle of their skills.

Pakistan scored 43 points while India was able to score 41 points in the nerve-testing match. In Semi-Finals, Pakistan defeated sister country Iran by 52-30 and India defeated Australia by 42-32.

Pakistan’s First Title in Kabaddi Tournament


Pakistan has won the International Kabaddi World Cup title for the first time in the history of Kabaddi. Governor Punjab, Ch Sarwar distributed the Trophy and Medals among the Champions and Runner Ups. Pakistan Kabaddi Federation organized the Fire Power in Lahore Kabaddi Ground to celebrate this achievement.

International Kabaddi World Cup was played in Lahore from 9-16 February.  The winning team received the Cash Award of 10 Million and the Runner Up got 7.5 Million. The successful completion of the International Kabaddi World Cup is paramount for the soft image of Pakistan.

Tension between India and Pakistan

On political fronts,  Pakistan and India are having a very tense situation.  This situation got worst after the Indian violation of LoC in February 2019. These Clashes, which subsequently lead to skirmishes  received a befitting reply from Pakistan.

Although, intervention of World Powers neutralized the clouds of war between the two Atomic Powers. However, Politicians on both sides are still passing hard statements.

Whereas, Indian enforcement of curfew in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir further worsened this situation. It is evident to mention that sports always brought both nations together for peaceful dialogues.

Indian Kabaddi Body Bold Decision

Indian Kabaddi Body took a bold decision of sending their team to Pakistan. This proved the keen interest of Indian sports body in defusing the tensions between two nations.

Historically, all the wars  concluded on the table. Notably, super power like Russian Federation could not sustain the effects of War. Whereas, economy of United States also weakened after continuous wars.

Undoubtedly, warmongering is easy but having aggressive confrontations on borders is a different thing.

Pakistan achieved milestone of successful conclusion of Kabaddi

Pakistan has proved they can arrange any mega tournament with high level of security. So, they also provided high level of security arrangements. Doubtlessly, Pakistanis had sacrificed more than any other nations in “War on Terror”, which needs to be recognized by the international community.

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