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Learn English Language Online. PaklinkBlog is very soon starting a great initiative. We will set up an online platform for learning the English Language. You can join us as a student and teacher. You can contact us for any query in your study of English Subject. Our program will focus on Tenses, Parts of Speech, Direct and Indirect Narration, Active and Passive Voices, Punctuation. We will also try to help the school, college and university students in improving their Writing Skills.

Learn English Language Online. English is a global language and everyone wants to learn it. However, most of the students fail in English. Because they do not have a proper understanding of the Grammar of English. Moreover, they got confused about the use of Grammar inΒ  Speaking and Writing. Remember, Grammar is an essential part of only Writing. Whereas, in speaking, native speakers never pay attention to Grammar.

Basically, there are four essential skills in learning any language. Among those fours skills, Reading and Writing are passive skills, whereas, listening and speaking are active skills. It is a fact that a good reader can be a good writer. Similarly, only a good listener can be a good speaker.

Confusion of Teaching Medium, Either English or Urdu

For learning any language it is necessary to read the books written by native writers. However, it is one of our drawbacks that we study books written by non-native writers. Like, learn English in 7 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc. There are also videos or courses claiming that they taught you English in 2-3 months like native speakers. Remember, there is no short cut in life, similarly, there is no short cut in learning English. If you wanted to be a good speaker or writer. For this, you need to work hard and remain determined. You should be a keen reader and read good English Newspapers. If you are in Pakistan, Dawn Newspaper is a preferable reading for improving English.

To improve your vocabulary, you need to write down the new words in a diary. You should make sentences starting or using those words. You should also try to use those sentences into your speaking vocabulary. In this way, those will be included in your permanent memory of speaking and writing. Moreover, it takes time to grasp any language properly. So, give the required time to language learning and do not be impatient.

Download 700 Idioms and Phrases Dictionary

Tenses are the backbone of English, therefore, try to grasp them. Instead of memorization, you should emphasis on a better understanding of the tenses. For this reason, try to attempt online tests available for testing Tenses and Grammar. You can also sort out the structure of any sentence, which came in front of you. Analyze the sentence and then break it into the structure of Tenses. In this way, you will improve your understanding of tenses.

Practice makes a man perfect is also applies to English Language Learning. So, practice your knowledge as much as you can. You should not leave a stone unturned to improve your language proficiency. Moreover, a good language learner can be a good language teacher.

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