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Learn English Online to improve Writing Skills!


Learn English Online to improve Writing Skills!

Now Team Paklinkblog.com is going to start a great initiative that is “English Language Course”. With the help of this course, you will learn online to write English in a better way. No need to believe in the marketing words of “Learn English in a Week, Month or 2 Months”, being part of this initiative you will learn English with your desired pace.

English is a comprehensive language, which is essentially learned with the help of four skills which are reading, writing, speaking and listening but here only the written aspect of language will be elaborated in a simple way.

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In the case of writing, Tenses are the backbone of any language and same goes to the English language as well. Therefore, the lesson plan will begin with the tenses: There are mainly 3 Tenses, which are: 1. Past (which has been passed) 2. Present (which is ongoing or happening at the moment) 3. Future (Which has to come or will come)


In this way, you will be able to learn English online on our blog with a little effort. You will also learn tenses and their classes like  4 sub-classes which are:

a. Indefinite (Past Indefinite, Present Indefinite, Future Indefinite). b. Perfect (Past Perfect, Present Perfect, Future Perfect). c. Continuous (Past Continuous, Present Continuous, Future Continous). d. Perfect Continuous (Past Perfect Continous, Present Perfect Continous, Future Perfect Continous). This will help you in writing good essays.

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In upcoming days, the definition of each of the tenses will be discussed along with elaborated examples and structures. If you have any query related to “LEARN ENGLISH SEGMENT”, feel free to email us at admin@paklinkblog.com

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