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Most Popular Mobile Apps

Most Popular  Social Apps in 2023


In this article, I will discuss a descriptive list of better mobile phone apps. Mobile Phone has taken the command from computers or laptops. Everyone is preferring mobile over desktop pc. Smartphones have revolutionized the world after the invention of the computer. It is the time when people prefer portability and comfort over anything else.

This need is filled by the mobile phone better compared to PCs. Nowadays you can make money or help your business grow with the help of apps from your cellphone like Tiktok, this is an app where you can reach a lot of people through short videos, check here the video marketing trends of using this kind of app.

Every mobile application has its function, which ranges from simplicity to complexity. Few apps only help us in editing our captured pictures. Whereas, others are better at transforming the image of a book into words. In simple words, smartphones are indeed smarter and the best replacement for previous technology of computers. In this article, I will tell you about the most popular mobile apps of 2021:


PUBG is an Android game. It has changed the dynamics of gaming technology. Previously, smartphones were better for only games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. And the developer of both these games got a big financial profit. At present, gaming technology is shifting from static computers to mobile phones. Developers of “Call of Duty” and “Age of Empires” are looking for the Android version of their games.

Players Unknown Battle Grounds is dominating the play store with its systematic updates and Seasons. Presently Season 17 is in progress. One of the main advantages of this game is the option of “MultiPlayer”. It has the provision of 100 players at a time, which means 100 people can tackle each other in a single battleground. In other words, 25 teams of 4 players each, and among them the team which will remain at the last will be the winner.

This is famous for its reward which is known as “Chicken Dinner”. The player or team which won the match sees a message “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”. This phrase of PUBG is very famous among PUBG-playing people. Then there is another word “Loot”, which is very famous. In PUBG, “Loot” means collecting ammunition or other items placed inside or outside a building, and even a player also earns the loot after killing his opponent or enemies.

It is very difficult to conclude the PUBG in a single post. Therefore, I have tried to give a light touch to this game.



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