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Was Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019


Was Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019

Cricket world cup was fixed or not is the question of everyone.ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 seems to be fixed or pre-decided is still unknown.

Was ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Fixed | ICC World Cup 2019

Still people are asking the question “was ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixed? No doubt, England and the host won the World Cup final by defeating New Zealand. This was the second unlucky moment for New Zealand. As Defending Champion of this ICC CWC, Australia defeated them in CWC 2015, which was co-hosted by both teams.

The match results of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 remained suspicious and controversial since the start of the tournament. A total of 48 matches were played in this cricket world cup, whose semi-finalists were based on the points table.

Therefore, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 point table was also played a significant role in deciding the results of the tournament. The first match of the tournament was played between England and South Africa, which was won by England by 104 runs. English team batted first and they scored 311 runs while chasing this ordinary tool, proteas collapsed at 207 runs in 40 overs.

The second match was played between unpredictable 2, Pakistan and West Indies. And amazingly Pakistan all out at 105 in 22 overs. In reply to this, West Indian Cricket Team scored 108 in 14 overs. This was one of the unpredictable matches of this tournament, as Pakistan started the pre-World Cup series with a massive scoring at English Grounds.

India vs Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match

Another un-predictable match of the tournament was played between Bangladesh and South Africa. Where Bangali Tigers defeated south Africa with 21 runs. Bangladesh scored 330 runs in batting first. South African once again remains unlucky by scoring 309 runs.

One of the prominent aspects of the cricket world cup 2019 was the up-sets of big teams. While most of the matches were high scoring in this tournament. After setting big totals, on a few occasions, teams remained uncertain. Resultantly, they were defeated in some matches.

In another match, the unpredictable Pakistani Cricket Team defeated the most favorite team of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 by 14 runs. Pakistani Cricket Team set a good total of  348 in their innings. While the English Team remained unlucky at a score of  334.

In this Cricket World Cup, Afghanistani Cricket Team Proved themselves as one of the fighting teams. On another hand, the South African Team was the most unlucky team of the tournament. While the Pakistani Cricket Team was unable to perform with a consistency like its past performances.Although, Pakistani Cricket Team proved their mettle in pre-world cup series against England with massive scoring matches.

Another factor in this world cup was luck. Luck also played an important role in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. When on different occasions, the team like Pakistan, West Indies, India and Australia were unable to prove their cricketing mettle. Finally, they have to exit from this mega tournament. While a healthy number of matches were abandoned due to rainy weather. In this way, rainy weather was also an equal opponent like a cricketing opponent. This aspect of should has to be taken into consideration by the International Cricket Council prior to the execution of the schedule. As in Cricket World Cup 1999, they faced the same factor.

After the bad start, the Pakistani Cricket Team was at a point, where they could easily qualify for the semi-finals. But the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka was washed out. Due to this, the Pakistani Cricket Team was sent out of the tournament on the basis of the points table. Although, Pakistan did a brilliant come back by winning all the matches prior to semi-finals.

Why Pakistani Cricket Team failed in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

India was one of the best teams in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. They defeated the good teams like Australia but lost from the less competitor like England in a controversial way. They also won from Afghanistan and Bangladesh with less margin. The main goal of their under-par performance was to sent the Pakistani Cricket Team out of the tournament. And they also remain successful in their goal at the end.

Like Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka was another unlucky team, which could not go through the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. As their most matches were abandoned due to bad weather and on a few occasions they did not play well. This was one of the worst performances of “The Islanders”, after a decade long brilliant performance.

In a single line conclusion, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was full of controversies and unpredictable results as a whole. Few people are predicting that this was also pre-decided by the hidden “Big Three” superpowers of Cricket playing nations, which are Australia, England, and India. All of these teams share the budget of the International Cricket Council. Indeed, the financial standing of the International Cricket Council, the cricket governing body, is difficult to sustain without the support of these three cricket boards. Therefore, these boards influence the major decisions of the ICC as well.

Whatsoever are the predictions or controversies, but these have no ground facts and realities at all. If these were the realities, then why no writer has written anything on this topic. So, it can be said the propaganda to deface the image of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. As the people know it well, that every mega event of sports always leaves a controversy behind it. However, ICC needs to take strict steps to control the spot-fixing in the mega-events like the Cricket World Cup.


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Free Download Smadav Antivirus Full Version in 2019. The Indonesian Software Developer named has developed this master-piece. After the closure of “Rising Antivirus”, one of the finest software. This is the best antivirus I have ever used. This software comes with two versions “Free” and “Pro”. Anyone can download the “Free Version”. Whereas, you need to pay money to get “Pro Version”.

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Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal of 15 Billion Dollars


Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal of 15 Billion Dollars

According to news sources, Pakistani Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is ready for deal to pay 14 Billion Dollar to the Government of Pakistan. However, he will not return the money of his whole family. Ex-Prime Minister is facing load-shedding in the jail. Therefore, he is feeling uncomfortable over there.

This money will only come from Mian Nawaz Sharif deal, other family members will pay their money by themselves. According to details, Ex-Premier is so much worried due to lack of facilities in the jail. The load-shedding is usual in his cell of Jail. Due to these troubles, NS is ready to pay money. And this is the only money of Nawaz Sharif, not his family.
Was ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixed or pre-decided?
The Government of Pakistan is also trying to recover money from other members of Sharif Family. On other hands, Federal Minister for Railway, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has claimed that corrupt people are ready to return money into national exchequer. He said that friends of Asif Ali Zardari are also asking for a plea bargain. While NS is also having the same opinion about returning the money. Sheikh Rahsheed said that Pakistan will change under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said we have allocated 10 thousand jobs to the public. Furthermore, the cabinet has approved 10 thousand more jobs.

Sheikh Rasheed said that in Korea, One President in jail while other has been killed on the crime of corruption and dishonesty. He said nation and media will not spare the corrupt, dishonest politicians of the country. While addressing the defense day ceremony, the federal minister for railway Sheikh Rasheed said that Kashmir is one of the major issues between Pakistan and India. Without peaceful resolution of Kashmir Dispute, It is impossible to maintain peace among both countries.

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Sheikh Rasheed said that India is executing brutal acts against Kashmiris for the last 72 years. He said, now it is decisive time for the Kashmir Freedom Movement.Mr. Mode wanted to draw the attention of Kashmiris by offering them visas and investment into Kashmir. However, Kashmiris want nothing except freedom from Indian occupation.

Sheikh Said that India has downgraded 22/24 Muslims into secondary citizen inside India. They committed a blunder by removing article 370 into Kashmir. The government and Opposition need to be on the same page on the issue of Kashmir. Nations destroyed in the world but they again rise up with determination and zeal and zest. In this case passion matters a lot, he further affirmed that we will sacrifice our lives for the sake of our motherland InshaAllah.  ۔

Role of medium of teaching in Education in Pakistani Schools?


Since the inception of our country, we are in doubt of deciding about the medium of instruction in Education institutions. To resolve this issue, a number of attempts have been carried out. But, no success has been achieved yet. In the last seven decades on different occasions, Someone suggested Urdu. Whereas,  few recommended the English as Medium of Teaching.

Still it is pending which uniform medium should be employed for teaching nationwide. Although, in recent past, either English as Partial or at the full level has been implemented as Medium of teaching in government schools. However, recently, Provincial Education Minister of Punjab has issued the notification for implementing Urdu as Medium of instruction up to Grade 5 in government schools. This is a positive decision if followed with the same spirit.

In the past 70 years, English dominated the official correspondence. Whereas, Urdu surpassed the teaching medium. None of them dominated others as a whole, which is a confusing state of affairs. It was better if Urdu was introduced up to Grade 5 in schools. And English is implemented as Medium of instruction from Grade 6 to Grade 10. This will remove the confusion of teaching medium along with academic performance anxiety of students as well.

In the last few years, Judiciary stood to implement the Urdu as the only medium of correspondence and tried to implement it as nationwide but that also proved worthless due to resistance from the elite class. However, this initiative put the Urdu as a second language in almost every competitive exam.

During the tenure of Shehbaz Sharif as a CM Punjab, a number of reforms in education were brought. The change of medium from Urdu to English was one of them. They changed the medium of Instruction form Class One to Class Ten into English. This was a bold step, which needed a wide level of reform in the education sector. They have to train the teachers about teaching this type of material. As a large number of teachers has a weak Background of English as a student.

Therefore, it was mandatory for the department of higher education to train these teachers to cope up the problem of English. However, no steps of such type were taken in practical. But the English were implemented blindly in the whole Punjab. This decision affected the performance of Teachers and Students. The teachers were not trained to teach this type of syllabus and students were not teach in an effective manner. How can a teacher with a weak background in English produce students with brilliance in English?

Present Punjab Government lead by CM Usman Buzdar has revereted this decision. They have changed the medium of teaching into Urdu up to Grade 5. This is a good decision, but this needed to be implemented in a true letter and spirit.

Although, now teachers would not have a logic of teaching taught syllabus. However, more steps needed to taken to address the issue of course up to Class Ten. Otherwise, it is going to spoil the future of our young generation.


10 Steps White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques to rank faster in 2019


Search Engine Optimization or SEO Definition:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO  is a technique used to optimize the visibility of websites and blogs. This technique employs SEO Keywords to improve the ranking of a website. This is done by SEO Expert, the person who has a piece of good knowledge of SEO Audit.

So that answer is it is a  technique that is used to increase the searchability of a website. It is one of the widely used techniques in web-industry. In other words, you can say, SEO is a type of Digital Marketing that attracts visitors to your website.

SEO Expert:

SEO Expert is those web-professionals who are well acquiant with the SEO Techniques. People running big Woo Commerce and Online Shopping websites hire them for SEO Marketing. They perform these techniques with the help of specific SEO Tools.

Now a days, success and failure of any website are fully dependent on Search Engine Optimization. In this way, if the SEO Score of your website is good then you will get good traffic. Otherwise, your website will be neglected by the Search Engine and visitors.

Therefore, it is better to have a good SEO strategy for your website. A Strategy that focuses on boosting the searchability of your website. For this reason, you need to look into every aspect of your website ranging from Keyword Research to Readability of your posts.

SEO Ranking:

SEO Ranking is the outcome of SEO techniques. A good SEO or Search Engine Optimization results in good ranking. it is a complete process of optimization, which starts from On-Page SEO, OFF-Page SEO, etc. It is a shape of Digital Marketing and presently termed as SEO Marketing.

There are a number of SEO Agencies who sell their services. Moreover, few people are also running SEO Services firms to earn money. SEO has revolutionized the World Web along with Digital and Affiliate Marketing.

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SEO Keywords:

SEO Keywords are key phrases are the words which are emphasized in an article to keep the influence of topic into the article. Like if you are writing an article about the increasing incidents of extremism in the city. You may focus on extremism as your keyphrases. People with strong SEO Knowledge use specific words after keyword research to rank their pages and posts in a specific and specialized category.

Type of SEO Techniques for websites?

There are four types of SEO Techniques, which are White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat and Negative SEO.

a. White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO techniques are inline of Google Webmaster Guidelines, but these are time-consuming. Moreover, you have to invest more money for this. However, the outcome of these techniques is better and everlasting. You’ll learn about these techniques on most respected content marketing company websites like Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Search Engine, Search Engine Roundtable, the SEM Post, Stone Temple, GSQI, and Philadelphia-area all use White Hat SEO techniques for their website optimization.

b. Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO can help you to get rank into search engine quickly. It is so cheap to do and you violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines by doing so. As almost a large number of Black Hat SEO tactics are included in the Don’t Do list. It may degrade the ranking of your website and content as well. Even in some cases, a search engine can put you into their blacklist. These guidelines changes time to time and every update have fewer chances of the policy violation. Therefore, avoid Black Hat SEO tactics to keep your website well going in Search Engine.

c. Grey Hat SEO:

Gray Hat SEO is among the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. As it follows the rules of both SEO strategies. So, there are also the chances of getting blacklisted on the Search Results. However, you can also score well on Search Ranking. It is purely dependent on the techniques employed for SEO. If the more tactics are from Black Hat SEO, then you can get banned. However, if a good amount of White Hat SEO are used then your website can perform well. But, in my opinion, you should prefer White Hat SEO.

d. Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is an unethical way of increasing your ranking. In these techniques, SEO Expert utilizes unethical means like negative reviews for competitors. They can also hack their website and altered the content to decrease their content authenticity. However, this is the worst SEO Techniques, if employed by a professional.

How to start a successful blog in in 10 Steps for beginners?


All the SEO Techniques like White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat, and Negative SEO have their own implication on the World Web. Moreover, in some cases user gain advantage of a negative technique. However, this impacts its overall ranking in a continuous process. Therefore, authentic and proper SEO Techniques should be utilized to avoid from getting ban in the future.


Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019


Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 will cover the details about the best plugins. Plugins cover the tools of WordPress which are specifically designed to perform a single or more task of a website or blog.


These plugins save the time of the customer, which needs not to type a lengthy code to get their desired results. Instead of this, they install a suitable plugin. Therefore, the importance of plug-ins is undeniable.

1.JetPack by WordPress:

Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 has JetPack at top of the list. With the help of Jetpack WordPress, you can see the statistics and simple analytics of website. You can observe the graphical ups and downs in views along with visitor’s country information.

Top 5 Blogging Platforms in 2019

You can also get the details of posts which were visited by users. In this way, you can improve the performance of your website. Jetpack also comes with a number of features including blog stats, blog hits, blog subscription, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

With the help of a blog, hits feature you can view the activity of your website. While blog subscription function gives you information about the Subscribers. Social Media Stream gives you the opportunity to share the timeline of social networks.

2. Yoast SEO:

Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 has Yoast SEO at No 2 position. Yoast SEO plugin is designed by “Team Yoast” and formally it was known as WordPress SEO. It is a fully customizable tool for SEO. It can be used as a single tool to resolve issues of SEO. With the help of Yoast, you can optimize the SEO of your website. It gives you a number of powerful features.

While “Readability Analysis” and “SEO Score” are two of the brilliant features among them. With the help of “Readability Analysis”, you can write cohesive and coherent articles. This feature helps you to avoid writing complex paragraphs. By guiding you step by step for the creation of better posts.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

It has a color indicator to show the readability. This feature signifies the readability of the post. For this purpose, green is for excellent and red for the poorly written post. So, you need not worry about the readability of your post. This feature will surely enable you to be a good writer.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an essential element of any website. This feature of Yoast SEO has been designed by keeping this thing in mind. With the help of this feature, you can customize the SEO of blog, categories, pages and individual posts.

It analysis the meta description, meta title, post URL and key phrase for better performance. It gives you the chance to preview the upcoming view of same in Google pages. So, you can improve your shortcomings at this stage to get high in Search Engine.


Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 has ShortPixel at No 3 in the list. This one of the excellent Plugins. With the help of this plugin, you can convert the big and heavy images of MegaBytes into the light and small KiloBytes. So, it gives you the freedom to convert MBs sized photos into KBs. This function decreases the upload file size. And the free space saved in this way can be a bonus to upload other items.

Now you need to download this plugin from website and upload it manually to your blog. If not, you can install it from your WordPress installation “Add Plugin” menu options. After installation, you can optimize your previous images. Moreover, you can also optimize new images by keeping the “auto-optimize” option. So, you need not worry about the lengthy and detailed process of optimizing a single image separately.

How to Start a Unique Money Making Blog on WordPress in 2019

ShortPixel is a brilliant addition in WordPress Plugins library. This application has resolved one of the biggest problems of a blogger. In past days, they needed to convert every image separately and then upload it. This was a time consuming and hectic activity.

4.WP Forms:

Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 has WP Forms at No 4. This Plugin helps you to design custom forms. For this, you need no programming knowledge at all. This has a number of features. These include sign up form, registration form, payments form, order form, etc.

Now it is easier to design a form of your choice without any trouble. And you can easily add this form with any post or page. This provision makes this plugin best among all the forms Designing plugins.

By this Plugin, you can create registration and sign up form with signature option. This signature can be engraved by the help of a mouse or touch screen. Another option of this plugin is email list creation and email additional respond function. Both of these features are brilliant.

You can also create a file upload form or option for the user. This facilitates the visitor to upload their posts or files. This can also be helpful in complaint resolution of our customer services. This tool also comes up with the function of pool or survey creation. This feature can help the students, teachers, and researcher in their surveys.

5.Advanced Ads:

Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 has Advanced Ads at No 5 in the list. This plugin is very important for Bloggers. As it helps them to integrate AdSense Ads code into their website in a convenient way.

Otherwise, AdSense itself has Auto Ads setup option to perform this job. But in this way, it follows rationale criteria. However, Advanced Ads help the user to place the Ads without any criteria.

Advance Ads also comes with the provision of all the Ads formats available at the AdSense account of the user. So, you can utilize this plugin according to your needs and demands. After the initiative of Auto Ads by AdSense, this plugin has lost the downloads as compared to past. The auto Ads placement is a tremendous facility by Google AdSense.


Although, every plugin in WordPress is developed to fulfill certain needs. However, few of them got brilliant reviews from the users. As they figure the needs of the users very precisely. But, it does not mean that other plugins are not fulfilling the needs of the users. Every plugin has a great significance in the WordPress library. And Top 5 WordPress Plugins in 2019 is a selection of review of the few most commonly used plugins in this particular year.


How to resolve Career Counseling Issues and Problems of students?


Career Counseling Problems of Students and Their Solutions?

What is Definition of Career Counseling Problems?

Career Counseling Problems can be defined  in simple words is a choice of profession for life with progression opportunities. So, a person has the choice to excel in this specific filed with hard work. Career plays a significant role in one person’s life. Therefore, be wise before selection of a career. You should avoid selecting a misfit profession to avoid career counseling problem.

What is Counseling for Career Problems?

As career is an intentional choice of lifetime profession. Therefore, it is better to choose it according to mental and physical tendencies. So the question arises, what is the right career for me? The answer is the career which fits and suits you. To know about this, test with the name “Aptitude Test for Career” is conducted. These test and the process of assessing the tendencies are called “Counseling for Career Problems”.

Why Counseling for Career Problems is important?

Career Problem Counseling related Aptitude Test is a very important and must-do task. It is a great issue now a days. In present days, everyone wanted to get success by achieving their goals of life. In this way, they fully concentrate on their aims and work by day and night. Meanwhile, the success in life can only be achieved if a person has selected career of his choice. For this reason, his career should be according to his mental tendency. There are a number of examples when people who selected the wrong career path, failed badly in their life. Don’t go much forward, let’s take the example of IT-Genius, Mr.Bill Gates.
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The Microsoft founder was first admitted into Harvard University for academic excellence. However, he was unable to achieve academic excellence due to lack of interest. Whereas, he had a tendency towards the computer. So, he switched to the computer industry. He founded an IT Company and utilized his talent over there. Resultantly, the world witnessed a man of brilliant qualities in the Computer Industry. From this example, we can conclude that the right career and academics chosen in time leads to success, while the opposite leads to a life of confusion.

What is the right time for deciding a Career?

How to Resolve Career Problems? After the 7th Grade Examination is the right time for a career decision. Although, one can choose a suitable path for a career just after 8th Grade Examination. However, during this time one can be confused about taking a sudden decision. Therefore, he needs to make the decision just after 7th Grade Examination. In this way, he will have enough time of almost 1 year to take a better decision. The parents also need to play an active role in this important phase of the life of a child or boy. They should avoid enforcing their decision on the students.
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What is the Role of Stakeholders in Career Selection?

Career Counseling Problems required the attentions of all the stakeholders can play an important role. Whereas, the role of the student is pivotal among them. Therefore, importance should be given to his choice of profession. Otherwise, all stakeholders can spoil his life. Remember, the right decision taken at this time can be very fruitful. On the contrary, it can be a lesson for the whole life and example for others. To ascertain the tendency of the student, a psychologist should be consulted. As psychologist will conduct certain test e.g Aptitude Tests to ascertain the tendency of the student. The results of these tests will make the career selection very easy. Therefore, the results should be given importance. Otherwise, the psychologist test will useless.

Comparison of Typical Career vs Innovative Careers

There are a number of Career Paths. Whereas, new and innovative careers should be preferred. Every career has importance. There are old and new careers. Then there are innovative careers. The old career has much hard work as input and less result as output. While in an innovative career one needs to work hard and get more output. In innovative careers, they have very less time wastage. Therefore, this aspect of careers should be noticed.

What is Typical Career?

The Typical Career is the one which is adopted by the common people. Like the majority of the people prefer to select Teaching, Engineering, Health, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc. These all are the typical type of career of the present era.

What is Innovative Career?

The innovative career path includes professions like Freelancing, Creative Writing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimizer, AdSense Expert, etc. Blogging is one of the innovative profession. Whereas, Video logging aka Vlogging is also one of the trendy profession now a days. In present days, people are preferring to adopt the innovative professions on the typical ones due to a number of things.

Career of Medicine or Career of Medical:

Career of Medicine or Career of Medical is one of the major careers. These are selected at a larger scale. In past and present days as well. Newly matriculated students prefer the study of Medical or Medicine. A great number of students including boys and girls prefer to study pre-medical subjects at the intermediate level. Although, only a few of them are able to score good marks and resultantly securing admission to medical college. Whatsoever are the results, most of the students prefer to choose this study. The study of Medical or Medicine is one of the most studied subjects along with Engineering.

Psychologist as a Career:

Psychology is a very interesting subject and career as well. Now a days, more students are opting the study of psychology. This is due to the present development in the field of psychology. Currently, psychology is having a large number of fields like Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology, Criminal Psychology, etc. Due to this vast scope and application students are opting this charming subject. Therefore, psychologist as a career has become the trendy profession in present days.


The Counseling for Career Problems  is of the major aspect of a successful life. It is the most important field of profession selection. But, it is the most neglected field of study. Due to this reason, a number of people could not excel in their life. It is evident to note, if your passion is your profession, then you will achieve more. On the other hand, If a person is unable to select a profession of his choice, he could not achieve more as he has to. Therefore, counseling for career problems needs more focus as it is the backbone in the way of career selection. A person having good counseling for his career problems can be a successful person as an entrepreneur, teacher, engineer and innovative field expert including freelancing that is Graphic Designing, Blogging, and Vlogging, etc.

How to Make Money Online from Home in 2019 without investment?


How to Make Money Online From Home in 2019?

Dear friends, in this article I will discuss “How to Make Money Online From Home?”. Now a days everyone is searching for online ways to earn money. There are a number of websites which claim money-making. But there is scamming on a larger scale in the online money-making industry. You already know that everyone wanted to earn money by sitting in their drawing rooms. The reason is that time is money. Everyone is charging and paying you by the rate of per hour. Interestingly, there are only 24 hours in a day. So, people wanted to get maximum out of these hours.

In past days, one needed to perform a job for almost 18-20 hours on a work center or field to earn maximum money. It also includes “overtime”, the work was done after normal pack up. In this way, a person got fatigued after a hectic weekly schedule. They also disturb the sleeping cycle and rest routine. Resultantly, they have to sacrifice good health to earn handsome money.

But in present days, the computer is bringing revolutionary changes into every field. Along with this, it has also changed the way people used to perform their job. Now it has facilitated them with “Online Business”. Where businessmen and job seekers, both are available online. One needs to advertise his business and other needs to select from available and suitable options. In this way, businessman and job Seekers both are happy.

As far as 5 Easy ways to earn money online from home is concerned, there are a number of Platforms for earning money by working online at home. These platforms include Freelance, UpWork, Fiverr, YouTube, Blogging, etc.