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Join Pakistan Navy as Sailor in 2019


How to Join Pakistan Navy as Sailor?

Pakistan Navy is one of the best Navies in the world. It has the capability to defend its country against the toughest odds and she did so in the past. It advertises vacancies in its different departments on a yearly basis. To become part of this passionate and adventurous organization, following criteria required to be fulfilled by the candidates:


The candidate should be a citizen of Pakistan. He should be unmarried. He should have an age of 16 to 20 years. He should have passed Matriculation with 65% of marks. His height should be 5 feet and 4 inches (162.5cm). He should have eyesight vision of 6/6. However, people having 6/6 eyesight with glasses are also eligible in different departments.

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Female Medical Technician:

The candidate should be a citizen of Pakistan. She should be unmarried. Join Pakistan Navy as Sailor with an age of 16 to 20 years. She should have passed Matriculation with 65% of marks. She must have passed Matriculation with Biology as a subject. She should have a height of 5 feet (152.4cm). She should have an eyesight vision of 6/6.

Naib Khateeb (Religous Teacher):

The candidate should be a citizen of Pakistan. He has passed the Matriculation along with Dars-e-Nizami / Madarsa Graduation Certificate. He should have an age of 35 Years. He should have a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (162.5cm).


How to Join Pakistan Navy as Sailor? To Join Pakistan Navy in Marine Branch. The candidate should be a citizen of Pakistan. He should be the age of 17 to 21 years. He should have passed Matriculation with 60% of marks. He should have a height of 5 Feet and 6 Inches (167.5cm). He should have an eyesight vision of 6/6.

Initial Test:

The candidates have to undergo two types of tests. These include the Intelligence Test and Academic Test. All of these tests will be conducted on the computer by the e-testing procedure.

Technical, Female Medical Technician and Marines:

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The candidates of Technical Branch, Female Medical Technicians and Marines have to undergo the Intelligence which will comprise of Two subtypes of tests, Verbal (Numeric) and Non-Verbal (Pictures) Test at Selection Centre. Whereas, Academic Test will comprise of subtype of Tests of English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Knowledge.

Naib-Khateeb (Religious Teacher):

English, General Mathematics, General Science, General Knowledge, Intelligence and Professional Test (Religious Test) at Selection Centre. They also have to undergo the intelligence comprising of subtypes of Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests. All the candidates are informed about their merit at the end of e-Testing Examination. The candidates who got shortlisted at this stage are called for PET, Medical Test, Interview and Personality Test.

Physical Eligibility Test (PET):

The candidates have to pass the physical test of 1.5 Kilometers Running in 8 minutes. They have to do 15 Push Ups in 2 minutes. They have to do 15 Sit Ups in 2 minutes. They have to do 4 Chin Ups in 2 minutes.

Medical Test and Interview:

The candidates who are declared successful in the Physical Eligibility Test undergo Medical Test. Candidates declared Medically Fit undergo the Interview. Those candidates who have passed the interview will be called for Personality Test.

Final Selection:

How to Join Pakistan Navy as Sailor? The candidates who have been selected after this process will be temporarily inducted by Naval Headquarters. Their final selection will be purely based on their Medical Test, which will be conducted at the Naval Selection Centre, Karachi. After this, they will be allotted Final Trade and there will be no change in Trades. The candidates of Technical Branch will undergo the training of DAE at PNS Karsaz, Karachi.

What is the Selection Criteria for PMS in PPSC jobs add 2019?


Jobs add for PMS Selection Criteria 2019:

Jobs Add for PMS has been advertised by PPSC aka Punjab Public Service Commission. PMS/PCS is the second prestigious examination after CSS, which is conducted by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) once in a year. PMS is advertised by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) for the Punjab province.

Whereas, for other provinces, the same is advertised by Provincial Service Commissions. In PMS, a number of vacancies at the provincial level are advertised in vacancies add. The candidates are asked to appear in the examination and those who remain successful in the process are selected as Provincial Gazetted Officers for their department.

Qualification for PMS in jobs add:

Bachelor Degree is the basic requirement for appearing in the PMS. However, candidates with higher qualification can also appear for this examination if they fulfill the other requirements as mentioned in jobs add. Whereas, selection of the candidates is not subject to their qualification but the performance in the subject examination.

How to Join PAF as GD Pilot?

Age Limit advertised in jobs add for PMS:

The age limit for the PMS is from 21-30 Years. However, candidates having government service of at least 4 years is given age relaxation up to 35 years in upper limit. Whereas, it is mentioned in jobs add that age relaxation rules 1961 are not applicable to the PMS Exam.

The candidates have to undergo the following 6 Compulsory Written Papers of 600 Marks in total which is:
1. English Essay:
(Subjective, 100 Marks).
2. English Precis, Comprehension and Translation:
(Subjective, 100 Marks).
3. Urdu Essay, Precis, Comprehension and Translation:
(Subjective, 100 Marks).

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4. Islamic Studies / Ethics-non-Muslims:
(Subjective and Objective, 100 Marks).
5. Pakistan Studies:
(Subjective and Objective, 100 Marks).
6.General Knowledge:
(Objective, 100 Marks).

Join PAF as Airman 2019

This examination has a total of 600 Marks. Interview/ Viva and Psychological Examination of 200 Marks in total will also be conducted for successful candidates of written examination. Candidates also have to opt for 3 subjects for total 600 marks, 200 of them per subject from the A-G Groups of Optional Subjects. For optional subjects, candidates can only select a single subject from a group as mentioned in jobs advertisement.

Passing Criteria for Final Merit List according to jobs add:

A candidate has to score 40 % Marks in each paper and 50 % Marks in aggregate in Written Examination to get eligible for Interview and thereafter has to score 50% Marks in the interview to get eligible for the Final Merit List.

The last date for registration is 14th of January, 2019 as highlighted in jobs add, and no of vacancies are 49 for different departments.

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What is Ransomware and How to avoid a Ransomware Attack?


What is a ransomware attack?

It is a type of virus. It is called encryption or crypto-virus. As it encrypts or locks the data of an infected computer. After ransomware attack, it leaves a “ransom note” in the infected directory. It has the email address of someone and instructions to pay via bitcoin to get your files to unlock. But, remember, do not pay the ransom at any cost.

Ransomware is a malware, which enters into your pc from unknown sources. It infects your pc in a hidden way. You only came to know about its attack, when you have entered into no return way. Therefore, you should be cautious in case you see a window screen with the message of windows update.

Types of Ransomware:

There are a number of types of Ransomware and every time it appears with a new name. It adds its name with every file as .extension like .pumas, .puma and .pumax in case of .Pumas Crypto Virus Attack.

How can you identify Ransomware Attack?

This is a good question to ask. As it is difficult to identify among the ransomware attack and genuine windows update. So what are the symptoms which give you a hint to identify the ransomware attack? It is simple if you have not opted or automatic windows update and it starts automatically. Moreover, it is always better to check into “Task Manager” about the details of your “Windows Update” Screen. It will be from an unknown source in case of a Ransomware attack.


Ransomware Attack Window
Ransomware Attack Window Message Screen

Whenever you got this type of window screen on your computer or laptop. It will be better for you to ensure all the things like verifying about that your pc is under a ransomware attack. It will be a good move to immediately “Turn OFF” your PC and restart it in “Safe Mode”. At this moment “Safe Mode” will be better as it has limited program execution to operate. Try to use good antivirus and scan your pc with antivirus. If your antivirus is not working, find the ransomware file in “Search Box” of PC and delete all the files, including in registry. To access the Registry editor press “Win+R”, then type “Regedit”, you will get the registry editor screen. You can do the precautionary steps of removing the infected extension from there. Like searching “.pumas or pumax” in case of “Pumas or Pumax Ransomware Attack”.

Why Should I have not to pay ransom for Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware Attack is an illegal and illegitimate activity, which is executed by the people with nefarious objectives. The person who can penetrate into your PC has the ability to do the same after payment of ransom. Instead, you should install a good updated antivirus with “ransomware protection”. You can download such programs free of cost. Among these programs “Spy Hunter”, is a good tool to protect your PC from a future ransomware attack and in the pro version, has the ability to remove ransomware.

It is the age of technology and it every second one old technology is upgraded to a new one. People are learning these technologies and using them into positive and purposeful activities. Similarly, the bad guys are also using these technologies to achieve their goals. They are using modern techniques for penetrating into PCs of users. Unfortunately, in the present era, every computer is the target of hackers and unethical programmers. There is no discrimination of valuable data and priceless data for them. They wanted to kidnap the PCs to earn money. But there are only a few cases when they return the data back to the user.

Free Download Smadav Antivirus Full Version

Therefore, it is necessary for a common user to use a good antivirus to avoid such activities of hackers. The hackers are launching ransomware attacks on internet and internet websites with different autorun and autoinstallation tools. You will learn to know about a new ransomware name in a week or two weeks. Moreover, antivirus companies have also included ransomware protection into their features.

How to Avoid Ransomware Attack:

To avoid the ransomware attacks avoid opening Malicious emails or emails received from unknown users. It is also important to install an anti-ransomware program that is offered by different Security Companies like Avast, Kaspersky and AVG, etc. Another best application/program that can stop the Ransomware attack is “Spy Hunter”. This software detects the malicious activities and immediately displays the notification on the computer screen. In this way, it warns the user from possible attack or suspicious activity.

Another step to ensure the cybersecurity is to install an authentic and updated Antivirus Program. It should be updated on regular intervals and “Real-Time Protection” option and “Automatically Detection” option should be enabled.  You should also avoid downloading from malicious websites like Adult, etc websites. Be careful when visiting any website, and pay attention to the notification of Web Browser and Antivirus / Anti Malware Program. They are for the protection of your PC.

How to Remove Ransomware:

PUMAS Ransomware removal from PC or laptop procedure

There are a number of methods to remove the infected files or the execution files of ransomware. As Ransomware is Hackers deadly weapon. So, the first action is to login in “Safe Mode” to avoid any possible damage. You can also run the “Task Manager” to observe the execution of suspicious files. In this way, suspicious files mean files which are not from a trusted author, and they are easy to detect. Moreover, remove the virus files from your registry by searching with the desired extension like .puma, .pumas or any other extension that is included in your encrypted files by the ransom attack.

How to Decrypt Data:

Ransomware as Hackers deadly weapon. And If you are the victim of a Ransomware attack, then do not panic and be patient. To resolve your issue search on google and if you did not find any solution then be patient. There is no end to the solution and you are not the only victim of this cryptovirus. Another important thing is, do not delete your data. It will not be recoverable if deleted and it will be better to wait for the great programmer to develop a program to resolve the issue of your and others.

New Zealand vs Pakistan 2019 Series


New Zealand vs Pakistan 2019 Series

New Zealand defeated Pakistani Cricket Team after 49 years in away series. After winning a series against Pakistan at UAE New Zealand break the 49 Years old record. They have defeated Pakistan in a home in 1969. Therefore, this is a national record for New Zealand Cricket Team. It is the first series win for Kiwis (Black Caps) against Shaheen (Green Shirts) after almost decades. The credit of this achievement for Kiwis Cricket Team goes to their leader-like captain Kane Williamson. It was his consistent performance which made it possible for them to score a series win.

Otherwise, defeating Pakistani Cricket Team at home is a hard nut to crack for even stronger teams. It is due to much familiarity of Pakistani players with UAE playing conditions due to their most of the hosted series. n this way they have set a record. It is the first series win of Kiwis against Pakistan at their home (Pakistan’s Cricket Home / UAE)  after 49 Years. In past, Kiwis defeated Pakistan in a Test series at Pakistan in 1969 with a lead of 1-0. Now they defeated Pakistan with a lead of 2-1. The credit of this win goes to their consecutive performing batsman and skipper Kane Williamson.

If we talk about batting:

No doubt, it is Kane Williamson alone leading run-scorer, who has entered his name as a successful batsman in New Zealand victory after 49 years,  Kiwis’s Skipper Kane Williamson remains top scorer with an average of 77.20. He scored 386 runs in 6 innings of 3 Test matches. Azhar Ali from Pakistan remains at second with 307 runs with an average of 61.40 after playing 5 innings.  H Nicholas remained at 3rd with a total of 287 runs with an average of 57.40 in 6 innings. Kiwis remain lucky in Longer Format against Shaheens by snatching the series by 2-1. This is the record series win by Kiwis in away series against Shaheens.

In Bowling Department:

It is Yasir Shah from Pakistan, who has also bowled well and entered his name into the chapter of New Zealand Victory after 49 years against Pakistan with a successful bowler. The magical leg spinner took 29 wickets with an average of 19.03 in all 6 innings. Yasir Shah has also completed 200 wickets in just 33 Test Matches, which is the world record of fastest 200 wickets.

Previously, the world record of fastest 200 wickets was of Clarrie Grimmett’s who did so in just 36 Test matches in 1936 at Johannesburg. Yasir Shah has completed 50 wickets in just 9 test matches, whereas, he has completed 100 wickets in just 17 matches.

In this series, AY Patel, Left Arm Orthodox Spinner, from New Zealand stood at Second number with 13 wickets in 5 innings with an average of 29.06. Pakistani Pacer Hasan Ali remained 3rd in bowling ranking of the overall test series with 13 wickets in 6 innings with an average of 21.07.

Record-Breaking Series:

New Zealand victory after 49 years as for as the Records are concerned, this series proved as a landmark for both teams. In this series, Yasir Shah achieved the milestone of the fastest 200 Test Wickets by a bowler. Whereas,  Kiwis broke the record of defeating Pakistan at home series after almost five decades, 49 years.

Why Pakistani Cricket Team failed in Cricket World Cup 2019

Hafeez retires from Test Cricket:

Pakistani matured top-order batsman, Muhammad Hafeez has announced retirement from Test Cricket. He decided to give the opportunity for youngsters to take his place. His possible replacement might be Shan Masood, who is a technically strong batsman. It is a difficult decision for Pakistani Cricket Team and Muhammad Hafeez as well because it will take time to fulfill the gap a good batsman. Whereas Shan Masood proved his class as a good technical batsman on different occasions in the past, but now he needed to display it on a regular basis.

Kane Williamson’s Series:

India vs Pakistan Cricket World Cup 2019 match

As far as the results of this series are concerned, Pakistani batting line-up remained lagging in nerves and patience. They were unable to perform well in demanding situations. This has again shown their lack of nerve cricket. To be a better team in the longest format of cricket, they needed to improve the psychological aspect of sportsmanship. Moreover, Kane Williamson was the major difference between Pakistan and New Zealand. He was not only the man of nerves but also the man of technique as well and he proved it in an exceptionally well manner.