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Purchase WordPress Urdu Themes at affordable price


Purchase WordPress Urdu Themes, now it is the era of Content Management System (CMS) website. Every user is preferring to CMS websites over typical old websites. Therefore, they prefer to utilize the best available CMS based platform to promote the rapid growth of their business. Due to the prioritized usage of CMS based platform, they are also offering e-Commerce and News Portal themes. Because of this reason, a number of businessmen are using such platforms with their customized options.

In good old days, it was a big task to design a website and then customize it to meet your business demands. However, Purchase WordPress Urdu Themes in 2019. Now a days WordPress is a powerful tool of Web Development. Most of the Web Developer is using WordPress as their source in Website Designing.

As far as WordPress is popular in Web Creation, it is also being utilized in the development of Urdu Websites. In the past, the developer was using different techniques to create Urdu Websites. However, after the invention of the CMS platform, this problem has been resolved. Now a user only needs to select a suitable theme for his business. With the help of CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. The launching and creation of the website have become very easy.

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And the invention of “Web Fonts”, has increased the demand for CMS platforms. With the help of web fonts, a user can design a theme according to the demands of his region. In this way, he can design a native website very conveniently. In the past, it was a very difficult job to run a website which was not having good support in the global village. As the creation and maintenance of the Urdu website in those days was a very tough job. However, after the invention of “Web-Fonts” technology, this problem has been resolved.

Now a user integrates the desired Urdu Fonts with his website. So, readers need not install any application to read the Urdu fonts on their PC or Mobile Phones. Therefore, a number of developers have started working with the integration of Web Fonts in Urdu Websites. For this reason, they are adding RTL support to different themes. With the help of RTL support, already developed thems also support RTL (Right to Left) language like the Urdu is. So, this is a milestone in the history of Urdu on the world wide web.

In this way, they create a user-friendly website. These websites have built-in Urdu Font support. In such Urdu Websites, users need not install Nastaleeq Fonts to read Urdu. As the Nastaleeq Urdu Font is already installed in the form of Web font. Such website is MbilalM.com. Muhammad Bilal Malik is a developer and supporter of Urdu. He is an Urdu Blogger and also developed the Pak Urdu Installer and Urdu Shamil (Plugin for WordPress). His plugin is also available into WordPress.org library. You can download it to utilize the best support of Urdu on your website.

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For this reason, developers are editing the themes to create their customized themes with Urdu Font. Our website paklinkblog.com is also offering WordPress Themes Customization at affordable prices. To Purchase WordPress Urdu Themes contact us at:





  1. I have recently started my own Urdu website please I need your support to make it successful. I create some content in Urdu & English myself, but I realized it is not enough to rank SEO. There for I support to create good content in Urdu & English for my website.
    Thanks for your kind support in advance in this regards.

  2. Dear, contact me via WhatsApp available at website contacts. If not possible, then please come with details at admin@paklinkblog.com. You can email me in either English or Urdu, whichever is convenient for you.

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