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What is Ransomware and How to avoid a Ransomware Attack?


What is a ransomware attack?

It is a type of virus. It is called encryption or crypto-virus. As it encrypts or locks the data of an infected computer. After ransomware attack, it leaves a “ransom note” in the infected directory. It has the email address of someone and instructions to pay via bitcoin to get your files to unlock. But, remember, do not pay the ransom at any cost.

Ransomware is a malware, which enters into your pc from unknown sources. It infects your pc in a hidden way. You only came to know about its attack, when you have entered into no return way. Therefore, you should be cautious in case you see a window screen with the message of windows update.

Types of Ransomware:

There are a number of types of Ransomware and every time it appears with a new name. It adds its name with every file as .extension like .pumas, .puma and .pumax in case of .Pumas Crypto Virus Attack.

How can you identify Ransomware Attack?

This is a good question to ask. As it is difficult to identify among the ransomware attack and genuine windows update. So what are the symptoms which give you a hint to identify the ransomware attack? It is simple if you have not opted or automatic windows update and it starts automatically. Moreover, it is always better to check into “Task Manager” about the details of your “Windows Update” Screen. It will be from an unknown source in case of a Ransomware attack.


Ransomware Attack Window
Ransomware Attack Window Message Screen

Whenever you got this type of window screen on your computer or laptop. It will be better for you to ensure all the things like verifying about that your pc is under a ransomware attack. It will be a good move to immediately “Turn OFF” your PC and restart it in “Safe Mode”. At this moment “Safe Mode” will be better as it has limited program execution to operate. Try to use good antivirus and scan your pc with antivirus. If your antivirus is not working, find the ransomware file in “Search Box” of PC and delete all the files, including in registry. To access the Registry editor press “Win+R”, then type “Regedit”, you will get the registry editor screen. You can do the precautionary steps of removing the infected extension from there. Like searching “.pumas or pumax” in case of “Pumas or Pumax Ransomware Attack”.

Why Should I have not to pay ransom for Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware Attack is an illegal and illegitimate activity, which is executed by the people with nefarious objectives. The person who can penetrate into your PC has the ability to do the same after payment of ransom. Instead, you should install a good updated antivirus with “ransomware protection”. You can download such programs free of cost. Among these programs “Spy Hunter”, is a good tool to protect your PC from a future ransomware attack and in the pro version, has the ability to remove ransomware.

It is the age of technology and it every second one old technology is upgraded to a new one. People are learning these technologies and using them into positive and purposeful activities. Similarly, the bad guys are also using these technologies to achieve their goals. They are using modern techniques for penetrating into PCs of users. Unfortunately, in the present era, every computer is the target of hackers and unethical programmers. There is no discrimination of valuable data and priceless data for them. They wanted to kidnap the PCs to earn money. But there are only a few cases when they return the data back to the user.

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Therefore, it is necessary for a common user to use a good antivirus to avoid such activities of hackers. The hackers are launching ransomware attacks on internet and internet websites with different autorun and autoinstallation tools. You will learn to know about a new ransomware name in a week or two weeks. Moreover, antivirus companies have also included ransomware protection into their features.

How to Avoid Ransomware Attack:

To avoid the ransomware attacks avoid opening Malicious emails or emails received from unknown users. It is also important to install an anti-ransomware program that is offered by different Security Companies like Avast, Kaspersky and AVG, etc. Another best application/program that can stop the Ransomware attack is “Spy Hunter”. This software detects the malicious activities and immediately displays the notification on the computer screen. In this way, it warns the user from possible attack or suspicious activity.

Another step to ensure the cybersecurity is to install an authentic and updated Antivirus Program. It should be updated on regular intervals and “Real-Time Protection” option and “Automatically Detection” option should be enabled.  You should also avoid downloading from malicious websites like Adult, etc websites. Be careful when visiting any website, and pay attention to the notification of Web Browser and Antivirus / Anti Malware Program. They are for the protection of your PC.

How to Remove Ransomware:

PUMAS Ransomware removal from PC or laptop procedure

There are a number of methods to remove the infected files or the execution files of ransomware. As Ransomware is Hackers deadly weapon. So, the first action is to login in “Safe Mode” to avoid any possible damage. You can also run the “Task Manager” to observe the execution of suspicious files. In this way, suspicious files mean files which are not from a trusted author, and they are easy to detect. Moreover, remove the virus files from your registry by searching with the desired extension like .puma, .pumas or any other extension that is included in your encrypted files by the ransom attack.

How to Decrypt Data:

Ransomware as Hackers deadly weapon. And If you are the victim of a Ransomware attack, then do not panic and be patient. To resolve your issue search on google and if you did not find any solution then be patient. There is no end to the solution and you are not the only victim of this cryptovirus. Another important thing is, do not delete your data. It will not be recoverable if deleted and it will be better to wait for the great programmer to develop a program to resolve the issue of your and others.

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