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Role of medium of teaching in Education in Pakistani Schools?


Since the inception of our country, we are in doubt of deciding about the medium of instruction in Education institutions. To resolve this issue, a number of attempts have been carried out. But, no success has been achieved yet. In the last seven decades on different occasions, Someone suggested Urdu. Whereas,  few recommended the English as Medium of Teaching.

Still it is pending which uniform medium should be employed for teaching nationwide. Although, in recent past, either English as Partial or at the full level has been implemented as Medium of teaching in government schools. However, recently, Provincial Education Minister of Punjab has issued the notification for implementing Urdu as Medium of instruction up to Grade 5 in government schools. This is a positive decision if followed with the same spirit.

In the past 70 years, English dominated the official correspondence. Whereas, Urdu surpassed the teaching medium. None of them dominated others as a whole, which is a confusing state of affairs. It was better if Urdu was introduced up to Grade 5 in schools. And English is implemented as Medium of instruction from Grade 6 to Grade 10. This will remove the confusion of teaching medium along with academic performance anxiety of students as well.

In the last few years, Judiciary stood to implement the Urdu as the only medium of correspondence and tried to implement it as nationwide but that also proved worthless due to resistance from the elite class. However, this initiative put the Urdu as a second language in almost every competitive exam.

During the tenure of Shehbaz Sharif as a CM Punjab, a number of reforms in education were brought. The change of medium from Urdu to English was one of them. They changed the medium of Instruction form Class One to Class Ten into English. This was a bold step, which needed a wide level of reform in the education sector. They have to train the teachers about teaching this type of material. As a large number of teachers has a weak Background of English as a student.

Therefore, it was mandatory for the department of higher education to train these teachers to cope up the problem of English. However, no steps of such type were taken in practical. But the English were implemented blindly in the whole Punjab. This decision affected the performance of Teachers and Students. The teachers were not trained to teach this type of syllabus and students were not teach in an effective manner. How can a teacher with a weak background in English produce students with brilliance in English?

Present Punjab Government lead by CM Usman Buzdar has revereted this decision. They have changed the medium of teaching into Urdu up to Grade 5. This is a good decision, but this needed to be implemented in a true letter and spirit.

Although, now teachers would not have a logic of teaching taught syllabus. However, more steps needed to taken to address the issue of course up to Class Ten. Otherwise, it is going to spoil the future of our young generation.


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