10 Steps White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques to rank faster in 2019


Search Engine Optimization or SEO Definition:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique used to optimize the visibility of websites, blogs and is one of the best ways how you can boost your product in internet. This technique employs SEO Keywords to improve the ranking of a website. This is done by SEO Expert, the person who has a piece of good knowledge of SEO Audit.

So that answer is it is a technique that is used to increase the searchability of a website. It is one of the widely used techniques in web-industry. In other words, you can say, SEO is a type of Digital Marketing that attracts visitors to your website.

SEO Expert:

SEO Expert is those web-professionals who are well acquiant with the SEO Techniques. People running big Woo Commerce and Online Shopping websites hire them for SEO Marketing. They perform these techniques with the help of specific SEO Tools.

Now a days, success and failure of any website are fully dependent on Search Engine Optimization. In this way, if the SEO Score of your website is good then you will get good traffic. Otherwise, your website will be neglected by the Search Engine and visitors.

Therefore, it is better to have a good SEO strategy for your website. A Strategy that focuses on boosting the searchability of your website. For this reason, you need to look into every aspect of your website ranging from Keyword Research to Readability of your posts.

SEO Ranking:

SEO Ranking is the outcome of SEO techniques. A good SEO or Search Engine Optimization results in good ranking. it is a complete process of optimization, which starts from On-Page SEO, OFF-Page SEO, etc. It is a shape of Digital Marketing and presently termed as SEO Marketing.

There are a number of SEO Agencies who sell their services. Moreover, few people are also running SEO Services firms to earn money. SEO has revolutionized the World Web along with Digital and Affiliate Marketing.

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SEO Keywords:

SEO Keywords are key phrases are the words which are emphasized in an article to keep the influence of topic into the article. Like if you are writing an article about the increasing incidents of extremism in the city. You may focus on extremism as your keyphrases. People with strong SEO Knowledge use specific words after keyword research to rank their pages and posts in a specific and specialized category.

Type of SEO Techniques for websites?

There are four types of SEO Techniques, which are White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat and Negative SEO.

a. White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO techniques are inline of Google Webmaster Guidelines, but these are time-consuming. Moreover, you have to invest more money for this. However, the outcome of these techniques is better and everlasting. You’ll learn about these techniques on most respected content marketing company websites like Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Search Engine, Search Engine Roundtable, the SEM Post, Stone Temple, GSQI, and Philadelphia-area all use White Hat SEO techniques for their website optimization.

b. Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO can help you to get rank into search engine quickly. It is so cheap to do and you violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines by doing so. As almost a large number of Black Hat SEO tactics are included in the Don’t Do list. It may degrade the ranking of your website and content as well. Even in some cases, a search engine can put you into their blacklist. These guidelines changes time to time and every update have fewer chances of the policy violation. Therefore, avoid Black Hat SEO tactics to keep your website well going in Search Engine.

c. Grey Hat SEO:

Gray Hat SEO is among the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. As it follows the rules of both SEO strategies. So, there are also the chances of getting blacklisted on the Search Results. However, you can also score well on Search Ranking. It is purely dependent on the techniques employed for SEO. If the more tactics are from Black Hat SEO, then you can get banned. However, if a good amount of White Hat SEO are used then your website can perform well. But, in my opinion, you should prefer White Hat SEO.

d. Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is an unethical way of increasing your ranking. In these techniques, SEO Expert utilizes unethical means like negative reviews for competitors. They can also hack their website and altered the content to decrease their content authenticity. However, this is the worst SEO Techniques, if employed by a professional.

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All the SEO Techniques like White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat, and Negative SEO have their own implication on the World Web. Moreover, in some cases user gain advantage of a negative technique. However, this impacts its overall ranking in a continuous process. Therefore, authentic and proper SEO Techniques should be utilized to avoid from getting ban in the future.

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