Writing Volunteer Jobs for newbie Bloggers


Writing Volunteer Jobs for newbies:

is an initiative to encourage newbie content creators.Paklinkblog.com is going to start a great initiative by promoting the newbie bloggers. A newbie should possess good knowledge of any topic. So, they can write better blog posts. This is an internship based initiative. Blog-Internee will receive a certificate at the end. So, feel free to apply for an internship.

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Writing Volunteer Jobs seekers should be well conversant in English Typing and should have a good knowledge of English. The trainee will require to create posts of own interests. Remember, no payment will be given, this offer is on a volunteer basis.

Urdu Writers can also apply. They have to write posts in the Urdu language. They should be passionate. Moreover, posts will be edited. In case your post is not published, stay calm. We will publish it after scrutiny. Remain motivated towards writing and stay optimistic.

Writing Volunteer Jobs there is no restriction of language and bloggers interested to apply can submit their introduction along with the post in soft. In that, they need to mention about their area of interest. Writers can also send their picture as per their desire. However, it is not mandatory for us. Pictures and images relevant to post can also be sent. These images should not violate the copyrights. So, it is better to create or make own images about the post.

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We also encourage the newbie content creators by providing them opportunities for the internship as bloggers for our blog. They should be creative and optimistic writers. They also need to be unique in their content.

As Paklinkblog.com is an open-for-all blog, anyone can join us for writing, editing, SEO, etc. Our mission is to promote the talent of every kind with a constructive mindset. Website administration respects your opinion about our website.

Application Form for Writers
This form is designed for sign up of volunteer writers. With the help of this form they can contact the Team PaklinkBlog.
Provide your First and Last name here.
Provide your email address. Avoid fake email address. This can be used for future correspondence.
Describe your Gender or Sex
Qualification for the writers.
Select between both, whichever is applicable for you.
Select your preferred language for writing.

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