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How to Join PAF as Education Instructor 2020


Join PAF as Education Instructor 2020:

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has announced vacancies for Education Instructor and Religious Teacher. You can join PAF  after Graduation in the English, Mathematics and Physics department. You can also join as a Religious Teacher after Graduation in Islamic Studies.

Both the vacancies are based on 14 Years of Education in the relevant subjects. On successful completion of training, a person will be awarded the rank of Chief Technician. After one year of successful service, they will be promoted to Warrant Officer.

Join PAF as Officer after FSC

What is the age limit to Join as Education Instructor?

The age limit to Join PAF as Education Instructor is 28 Years. However, 1 Year of age relaxation has been granted to all candidates.

What is Qualification to Join PAF as Education Instructor?

You can join PAF after B.A/B.Sc as Instructor.

Can a candidate with a simple BA is eligible?

A candidate having BA (General) will be considered as an English Instructor on the basis of his required marks in the relevant subjects.

Join PAF as Airmen

Join PAF as Education Instructor requirements:

A Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and his age should be 29 years. He should have scored 45% marks in the relevant subjects.




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Kabaddi World Cup 2020 Final |International Kabaddi World Cup Final


Kabaddi World Cup 2020 Final |International Kabaddi World Cup Final:

International Kabaddi World Cup 2020 final was won by Pakistan. India was runner up in Kabaddi World Cup. Pakistan won the Kabaddi World Cup 2020.

Kabaddi World Cup 2020 Final |International Kabaddi World Cup Final


Pakistan (the host), defeated arch-rival India in the International Kabbadi World Cup 2020 final at Lahore. Both the teams were equipped with good players and reached into final after proving their mettle of game. Pakistan scored 43 points and India scored 41 points in the nerve-testing final match. In Semi-Finals, Pakistan defeated sister country Iran by 52-30 and India defeated Australia by 42-32.

Pakistan has won the International Kabbadi World Cup title for the first time in the history of Kabbadi. Governor Punjab, Ch Sarwar distributed the Trophy and Medals among the Champions and Runner Ups. Lahore Kabbadi Ground was lightened with FirePower at the end of the match.

International Kabbadi World Cup, which was played from February to February 2020. The winning team received the Cash Award of 10 Million and Runner Up got 7.5 Million cash awards. The successful completion of the International Kabbadi World Cup is paramount for the soft-image of Pakistan.

In the Present scenario, Pakistan and India are having a very tense situation at the Political level. This situation got worst after the February 2019 Clashes, which put the South Asian region into an uncertain position. Although, the clouds of war between two Atomic Powers were cleared due to interference of World Powers. However, the hardening statement is still ongoing among both countries.

This situation has been further worsened after the Indian Curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir. While the only sports can create an environment of respect and tolerance among both arch-rivals. Indian Kabbadi Body took a great decision of participating in the International Kabbadi World Cup being organized into Pakistan. This proved their sportsmanship and dedication towards their game.

Sri Lanka Tour to Pakistan After 11 Years


Sri Lanka Tour to Pakistan After 11 Years

Doors of Cricket opened for Pakistan after a decade long struggle as Sri Lanka Tour to Pakistan after 11 years. Last time, Sri Lankan Cricket Team visited Pakistan in 2009. Unfortunately, this tour was abandoned due to an attack on the touring team during Lahore Test. Luckily, no casualty was resulted in this attack due to the presence of the mind of Pakistani Bus Driver, who saved the players from fatal injury due to his immaculate driving skills.

Services of Sri Lankan Cricket Team and their board cannot be underestimated in the restoration of cricket in Pakistan. They stood shoulder to shoulder with PCB at every time of trial. They proved their affiliation once again by paying the first official tour to Pakistani Cricket Grounds.

Although, PCB invited West Indian Cricket Team and Zimbabwe Cricket Team for a limited edition of Series. But those were symbolic assignments to restore the confidence of ICC for Pakistan.

No doubt, Pakistan is safe for every sort of cricket and the credit goes to Pakistani Government along with the Security Establishment for putting the “Jin of Terrorism” into the bottle after a decade long struggle. For this purpose, the name of General (Retd) Raheel Sharif and his colleagues along with the Pakistani Police Force cannot be forgotten in the history of Pakistan. As they were the men who strived for the restoration of peace in Pakistan with a systematic and effective line of action.

Sri Lankan Cricket Team visited Pakistan for a full-fledged tour, which included 3 ODIs being played at National Stadium, Karachi along with 3 T20i, which were hosted at Gaddafi Cricket Stadium, Lahore.

Sri Lanka Tour to Pakistan After 11 Years – ODI Series at National Stadium Karachi: 

First One Day International out of 3 was washed out due to heavy rain. In this way, series was restricted to 2 ODIs for conclusive results. Whereas, Pakistan won the 2nd ODI by 67 Runs. By Batting First, Pakistan set a total of 305 on the loss of 7 wickets in allocated 50 overs. From the Pakistani Cricket Team, Babar Azam (Captain) scored a brilliant knock of 115 runs on 105 runs, while Fakhar Zaman scored 54 runs on 65 balls. Whereas, P D Silve took 2 wickets in 10 overs after giving 63 runs.

Resultantly, Sri Lankan Team got all out in 46.5 overs at 238 runs. From Sri Lanka, J Jayasuriya scored 96 runs on 109 balls. While MD Shanaka scored 68 runs on 80 balls. Usman Shinwari of Pakistan took 5 wickets on 51 runs in 10 overs along with 1 maiden over.

In 3rd ODI, Sri Lanka scored 297/9 and  Guanthilaka of Sri Lanka scored a marvelous 133 runs on 134 balls and MD Shanka scored 43 on 34 balls. Mohammad Amir took 3 wickets with 50 runs. Pakistan chased this total by scoring 299/5 in 48.2 overs. Fakhar Zaman scored 76 runs on 91 balls, Abid Ali 74 runs on 67 balls and Haris Sohail scored 56 runs on 50 balls. N Pradeep took 2 wickets with 53 runs.  In this way,  Pakistan won the match by 5 wickets.

In this tour of Sri Lanka to Pakistan, 3 T20i were also played. First T20i was won by Sri Lanka by 64 runs. Sri Lanka scored 165/5 in provided overs, while Pakistan scored 101 all out in 17.4 Overs. Gunathilaka of Sri Lanka scored 54 runs on 37 balls and WIA Fernando 33 runs on 34 balls. Hasnain took 3 wickets for 37 runs. Sarfraz Ahmed of Pakistan scored 24 on 30 and Iftikhar Ahmed 25 on 24. Pradeep took 3 wickets on 21 and Udhaka also took 3 wickets for 11 runs.

In 2nd T20i, Sri Lanka also won this T20i by 35 runs. Sri Lanka scored 182/6 in 20 overs. Pakistan scored 147 all out in 20 overs. PBB Rajapaksa scored 77 on 48 balls and GSNFG Jayasuriya 34 runs on 28 balls. Imad Wasim Took 1 Wicket for 27 runs and also scored 47 runs on 29 balls. Pradeep took 4 wickets for 25 runs and PWH De Silva took 3 wickets for 38 runs.

In 3rd T20i, Sri Lanka won by 13 runs. Sri Lanka scored 147/7 in 20 overs. Pakistan scored 134/6 in 20 overs. BOP Fernando of Sri Lanka scored 78 runs on 48 balls. Mohammad Amir took 3 wickets on 27 runs. Haris Sohail scored 52 runs on 50 balls. PWH De Silve took 3 wickets for 21 runs.

ICC Test Championship versus ICC Champions Trophy


Presently, ICC has replaced the “Mini-World Cup” with ICC Test Championship. Apparently, this step shows an effort to keep the longer format of Cricket alive and to increase its popularity. However, in the long run, this step will ruin the charm of Cricket, which ICC Champions Trophy, 2nd Tournament after World Cup had.

There are arguments in favor and against this step of the International Cricket Council, which is mostly being influenced by the Big-3 nation. Although, there is no existence of Big-3 on the documents. However, it exists as far as their influence in the ICC Decision and Policy Making process is concerned.

After the beginning of this setup, smaller Test Playing nations like Afghanistan, Ireland has lost their importance due to less number of test series in their credit. However, bigger teams like Australia, India, England, South Africa, and New Zealand got an opportunity to get home and away series in this longer format mega event.

Ultimately, countries having good terms with the Big-3 will also be awarded a large number of home and away series, whereas, the nations having normal terms will get a chance to play only a smaller number of tests at their home and away.

(To be continued….)

Typing Master 2002 Full Version |Typing Master Download | Typing Master


Typing Master 2002 Full Version |Typing Master Download | Typing Master

Typing Master 2002 Full Version |Typing Master Download | Typing Master

Typing is an essential skill to get benefit from IT in every field. This software helps in learning this skill. Typing Master 2002 is based on a full course.

In Typing Master, a person without this skill is considered disabled in the field of computers. It has become an integral part of this digital era. There is no person who is not curious to learn it.

However, it has increased the productivity of learning this skill. Previously, there were a large number of tutors in the market. But none of them was designed like a full fledge course as it is.

Indeed this software is like a complete certification course. I personally learned Typing via this software. I believe if a person takes an interest in dedication. There is no doubt that he will grasp this skill.

This application also helps you in reviewing your typing mistakes. Moreover, it is also equipped with an interactive mode of learning. It consists of different typing games, which helps you in learning in a guise of gaming.

Review Mode of Typing Master helps you to improve your mistakes and eradicate them permanently. It also provides you a list of already uploaded Typing Tests, which helps you to judge your typing skill.

It comes with a full “Typist Course”, which includes the learning of the whole keyboard like Numeric, alphabetical, function, and symbolic keys.

This software also offers you to download a certificate for your typing test. This feature can be helpful for you in teaching and learning this important skill.

It is an honor for me to share the Typing Master Setup with you. It will not be helpful in teaching you typing. But it will also improve your current typing speed as well. It is a good teacher of everyone and you only need one thing that is, focus, concentrate, and remain motivated for learning.

Typing Master 2002 Full Version


Bullying as an evil of society


Bullying as an evil of society

Bullying is a practice of hurting another individual mentally, physically or emotionally. Bullying is an evil of society second to Sexual Abuse.

Bully as an evil of society
Bully as an evil of society

Bullying is a practice of hurting another individual mentally, physically or emotionally. The repetitive action of teasing another person mentally, physically or emotionally is called bullying. Bullying can be divided into four types: psychological (emotional and relational), verbal, physical and cyber. The basic factor of bullying is the imbalance of physical and social power.

Whenever there is an imbalance of physical and social power between individuals the behavior of bullying develops. Culture of bullying can develop in any context where human interacts with each other. It may be a school, workplace, family or neighborhood. Nowadays the main plate form of bullying is social media websites.

Research shows that 19000 bullied students commit suicide every year. There are different reasons for bullying. The primary reason for bullying is jealousy. Bullies may be jealous of someone’s relationships, performance, physical beauty and charm, and property. Bullying also occurs due to differences in religion, hair color, culture, and ethnicity. Another reason for bullying is to get control over someone else. Those who have dominated and aggressive behavior always try to depress others and want to get control over them.

Bullying is a serious threat in any society because it causes harmful effects not only on an individual but on society as well. There are two types of effects: long term effects and short term effects. Short term effects include social isolation of bullied, shyness, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep disturbance, and poor performance. Long term effects include anxiety disorder, fall of health, chronic depression and continuous stress, self-harm, and worst long term effects is that bullying may lead a victim to commit suicide.

Bullying is part of life. It is impossible to finish it but we can deal with it by applying different strategies. Basic and the most important strategy to deal with bullying is to educate individuals. We should educate our children about how to deal with bullies. We should teach them how to find confidence, make them feel they are not alone, they have their parents with them and they have friends.

We should also educate our children not to be a bully. We should educate our communities about the harms and negative effects of bullying. We should teach in-home our children and other family members of respect and tolerance for others. Individuals can protect each other by making friends and strong groups. Schools and other workplaces must have zero tolerance for bullies and bullied should report immediately to concerns.

Bullies continue bullying because of the silence of bullied and other individuals, who witness this bad activity hence, it should be reported immediately. Bullies must be discouraged by the whole community so that they stop bullying others. All these measures are helpful to stop bullying to some extent. These steps are also very useful to deal with bullying.

Best Distance Learning Programs offered by AIOU in Autumn 2019


Best Distance Learning Programs by Allama Iqbal Open University:

Allama Iqbal University Admissions for Autumn 2019 has been advertised. This time they have advertised two types of programs. One is  SSC/HSSC/D-e-Nizami Programmes (Last Date: 20-Sep-2019) and the second is ADE/B.Ed/BS/BBA/French Online/Post Graduate Programmes (Last Date: 15-Oct-2019). Both of these programs have their own importance.

Why only AIOU offers Best Distance Learning Programs?

EDU 430 ICT in Education Assignment No 1

The Autumn 2019 Session of Allama Iqbal Open University is basically based on two main programs. Both of them has different dates for admissions along with separate deadlines. One of them is based on short courses, matriculation along with FA/FSc and I.Com. Whereas, other is based on specialist degree programs like Associate Diploma into Education (ADE), Bachelor in Sciences (4 Years Program) and Graduate Programs. Moreover, they are also offering MA and M.Sc Programs in this semester.

Why STEP is a Best Distance Learning Programs?

The STEP or Short Technical Education Program is a great initiative of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

Role of medium of teaching in Education in Pakistani Schools?





Role of ICT in Education | EDU 430 | VU Assignment


Role of ICT in Education | EDU 430 | VU Assignment

ICT plays a pivotal role in education. It encompasses the LMS, e-Testing, and also the use of email. In this era, education cannot survive without ICT.

Role of ICT in Education | EDU 430 | VU Assignment

ICT Definition:

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology that is comprised of technologies which provide access to information through telecommunications. It is same as Information Technology (IT) but concentrate basically on communication technologies. ICT consist of the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication sources.

Information and communications technology is an extended-term for information technology that concentrates on the role of unified communications and the consolidation of telecommunications telephone lines, wireless signals, computers, and necessary enterprise software, hardware, storage, and audiovisual systems, that make possible for users to access, save, transmit, and use information.

Role of ICT in improving teaching-learning:

ICTs can improve the quality of education in many ways e.g. by enhancing learner motivation and engagement, by alleviating the acquisition of fundamental skills, and by improving teacher training. ICTs are also trans-mutational tools that, when used properly, can improve the shift to a learner-centered environment.

How to resolve Career Counseling Issues and Problems of students?

The use of ICT in the classroom teaching-learning is very important in many ways because it provides various opportunities for teachers and students to operate, store, manipulate, and recollect information. It also encourages independent and active learning, and self-responsibility for learning like distance learning encourages teachers and students to keep on using learning outside school times. It helps to plan and prepare lessons and design contents such as course content delivery and make easy sharing of sources, skills, and advice. This versatile tool has the capability not only of involving students in instructional activities to enhance their learning but of helping them to solve complex problems to improve their cognitive skills.

Teachers can prepare their lectures on a computer and can deliver through multimedia. For students, PPTs and slides of lessons comprised of related pictures make lesson easier to understand. Teachers can easily design their lessons and teaching contents through computers. PowerPoint, animation, graphics can be used to improve the learning of content. Computers are good for explaining complex processes. Computer-aided learning is not a replacement technology but a complementary tool. Computers are useful for teaching, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Practitioners, over the years, has been using ICT in classrooms and other education fields to encourage students, to enhance instruction, to make sure students and teachers work more prolifically and to help students learn and enhance information age skills. ICT can be used to motivate students to gain their attention. Teachers say ICT’s visual and interactive qualities can lead students’ attention toward learning tasks. Technology can also be used to represent real-world relevance through highly visual presentations. When students see that high-level math and science skills have real-life applications, it is no longer just ‘school work’, they are more motivated to acquire skills that have clear importance to their future life and work.

Additionally, students who see the application of what they are studying as authentic and original are motivated by the application to their daily lives. Besides that, ICT can be used to improve instruction whereby interaction and instant feedback can be used to support skill practice. ICT also provides access to information sources. The internet connects students with information, research, data, and skills that are might not be available locally. In fact, ICT empowers students to involve in the learning process and give them an interest in their personal education.

Disadvantages of ICT:

Mankind’s inventions have both advantages and disadvantages. Although Information and Communication Technology improved learning and teaching environment and made the learning and teaching process easy but on the other hand it has some disadvantages in the teaching and learning process in classrooms as well in other areas. Some of them are described below.

1.Poor Handwriting:

As smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets totally replaced the use of paper and pen; hence, finding a person with good handwriting is just like finding a needle in the haystack. All the important documents are now typed and saved in that small folder icon in laptop. Experts argue that people are sacrificing their handwriting to adopt technology for fast learning. Experts say that the use of technology in place of handwriting slow down thinking process by making neurons lethargic.

  1. Disconnection from the real world

Nowadays educators are busy in teaching the learners with its online education tools other than communicating orally that makes them unable to interact with their teachers and ask their problems openly to overcome it.

  1. Major sources of distractions

As we know that in present generation social networking sites are literally ruling the world with its attractive innovations, therefore, educators and learners are wasting their time in checking their posts and updates, counting the number of likes, seeing the status that they themselves or any of their near one updated, busy in commenting on social sites, etc. All these activities create a long distance between them and their education.

  1. Creating enough room for cheating

The technological world is making people more and lazier giving all the powers to control everything by a click of a mouse. Cheating is an illegal activity but technology made it more easy to use with its powerful wings. It has really become very difficult to control this activity, especially in the examination environment. Mobile phones are available with all its advanced features and quick internet accessibility which facilitate them to use it without any hassles.

5.Waste of valuable time

As humans are not error-free, likely technologies to do not come error-free. There are many problems like server error and connectivity problems which take much time to troubleshoot it, hence, hindering the learning process which can sometimes be a matter of frustration both for the learners and the educators.

Factors that prevent teachers from implementing information technology (ICT):

Technology is being used be nowadays in most aspects of education and many schools are adopting it quite well, whether its usage is BYOD initiatives, blended learning, flipped classrooms, creating content using authoring tools, or using a learning platform. It is amazing how much technology is available today that makes learning more interactive and easier. Most of the educators by now are quite familiar with these practices and use them regularly in their classrooms.

Although the usage of ICT in the classroom has increased significantly during the last years but there are still educators that are struggling with it, that feel left behind and don’t know how to include it in their teaching process. The worst part is that there are some educators that actually completely refuse to use any educational technology.

There are many factors that resist teachers to use ICT in classrooms. Some of them are written below.

1. Teachers don’t know how to use ICT devices:

This is really a big problem. Most of the schools now use ICT, but the amount and quality of training that is given to teachers on how to use the systems is very superficial, therefore, many educators don’t know about the usage of ICT devices and they seem reluctant to use ICT in classrooms. Of course, someone is going to be reluctant about using a tool they don’t know very well, even though the school board says it must be used. Even some teachers are not willing to use technology due to lack of confidence using the devices and tools.

2.Good Internet connection is a big challenge:

Educators prefer applications and devices that can work offline. It makes sure that teachers and students can use them over and over again without facing any problems due to a bad Wi-Fi connection.

Therefore, some educators with unstable or slow-speed internet will get frustrated about using certain apps if they know that it will interrupt or even suspend their lessons.

  1. Teachers are afraid of losing control of the classroom:

Some educators have expressed their fear of not being able to control what kids do on their screens. Teachers also think that if the technology is used in their lessons then students wouldn’t be so interested in the lesson and the content itself. Some teachers think that Kids know how to use these things more than us; therefore, we will not be able to control them and keep them focused.

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4.Lack of Time

According to my [point of view, this is the most common factor why teachers don’t use technology in the classroom. It seems that there is a new initiative, every year that gets added to their plates. Most of the educators are willing to integrate new technology, but finding the time to learn the technology and then design lessons and create a teaching plan to go along with it is a really challenging problem.

5. Educators are afraid of their ignorance:

Most educators, especially those who have been in this field for a good number of years, do not know how to use technology and because of their fear of anything that is named hi-tech, they do not even try to learn. They prefer to teach through old ways because it is familiar and they are used to it. For them, making a change to something that is totally new and not known to them is frightening. They scared to even attempt to know it because they think they will not learn how to use it and that this will cause them to lose face amongst the students and their peers.

  1. Results in a lack of interest in studying

As everything is now accessible online or through data saved in a computer or mobile devices, students are likely to develop poor studying habits and a lazy attitude towards education. Some of them may even think they can skip school because they can find answers and lessons online.

This can also lead to students forgetting the basics of studying. They would rather depend on computers and the internet, instead of their books and the input from their teachers. Most of them will misspell words because they often use spell checkers.

  1. Raise instructional challenges

Now it is necessary for professors and teachers to stay abreast with technology, they may need to be retrained. Those who have been teaching the whole of their lives using traditional methods may not be very susceptible to the changes being applied. In fact, a majority of teachers say that continuous use of digital technology is damaging student’s attention span and his ability to persevere when a challenging task is thrown his way.